Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some Very Creative Doll People

One of my favorite part of the Integrity Convention was looking at the contest entries.  They were in a room across from the Sales Room.  First there were several dressed dolls.  I have several photos.  The gowns were quite intricate.  (Forgive the photos, but I relied on room lighting.)

I'll start with the Anja (I believe) in tis gorgeous orange confection.
Next up are a pair of dolls that look like beautiful tropical orchids.  For some reason my camera wouldn't stay focused off the Venus Eugenia in the background.
Probably because Venus is on my list of "will never own" dolls.  Here she is.

There was a beautiful fuschia girl.
I really liked the colors in this entry.
I couldn't photograph each doll individually.  So, I apologize to anyone I missed.  I appreciate the incredible amounts of time and effort to create an outfit, and the omission was not intentional.  
 I cannot imagine which doll will win.  They were all so extraordinary. The diorama entries were also in this room.  There was doll sleeping inside an aquarium. This was very clever.  It reminded me of an old movie I watched as a little girl about a family living on the bottom of the sea.
There was a lovely diorama of an upscale apartment.
 There was a birdcage with dolls dresses as birds.  It was breathtaking.
There was a Nadja wren on the lawn.
There was a beautiful bird opening the cage door.
There were two very exotic dolls inside the cage. The first ...
And the other ...
In your Convention package there was a ballot for voting for your favorites in each category.  It will be exciting to see who wins.

The competitions entries were in the same room as the raffle items.  Integrity brings out many dolls they have produced and attendees can purchase raffle tickets to put in boxes for each doll.  There were just too many to photograph.  You can buy and enter as many raffle tickets as you want.  I didn't buy any.  

They had color version of the IFDC Shake It Up Korrine.  They gave away three at Welcome Dinner and three at the Poppy luncheon.  I don't know how many they made or how many will be given out tonight.

There were also two OOAK dolls.  One was a 16 inch doll and the other was a Eugenia in a gorgeous gown.

I thought you would enjoy seeing this side of the convention.  I am off to the banquet!  Can't wait to see what happens tonight!

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