Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dolly Overdose

My husband and I went to the W Club Luncheon today.  They didn't allow photos of the presentation.  Jason Wu showed up and answered questions.  The most exciting information was that we will see another Audrey Hepburn doll next year ... are you ready ... hold on tight ... it will be the original Veronique mold and she is GORGEOUS!

The centerpiece doll was a bleach blonde Elise in Japan skintone.  Her hair was parted in the middle.  The dress was exquisite, but I wasn't wowed by the doll herself.  She was $150.  Each attendee was allowed to purchase one.  I passed on her.  My husband and I gave our purchase opportunities to others at the table.  

Then there was a "mystery" doll.   Everyone got to purchase one.  You cannot imagine my excitement when I found it was a tan skintone Victoire.  Her name is Saint Tropez.  She is just fabulous.

I love this doll!  She was $85.  I got one.  We passed our other purchase to another collector.  We just have too many doll to bring home!  I feel like someone who has eaten a whole chocolate cake and even Pepto Bismol can't help.
I am seriously OD-ed on dolls.  And we still have the Banquet tonight.   My husband sadly said, "I'm not going to see you for months after this, huh?  You'll be deboxing and redressing."

Shuga posted Deron's Adele on her flickr page.  Deron's Adele had a problem with her hair when he removed her from her box.  He had to cut her hair and tame it.  I LOVE what he did.  I ran into him and he offered to mine (my Adele's not my personal hair - although it could use some taming in this tropical humidity as well!).  I just love doll people.  Everyone is so helpful and tremendously kind!  Everyone seems to look out for each other - there is a serious amount of generosity here.

So, I ran upstairs and deboxed Adele.  Wouldn't you know it?!  My girl's hair is exactly how I would want it.  Look how perfect!!
This Adele just moved up to the #1 slot in my favorite dolls from this convention.  She is sizzling HOT!


Roville said...

Your Adele is just gorgeous!

Lena said...

My Adele's hair looked just like that after I took the netting off. Perfect! I had her at last night's banquet and she got so much attention!

Love her!