Friday, September 28, 2012

Poppy Parker Luncheon

At breakfast this morning, my poor husband found out that he will forever be known as "That guy who traded Ready Steady Go Poppy for a Dynamite Girl"!   LOL!  Irene and George from the convention saw us at breakfast and referred to him that way.  It was hilarious.  He told me, "If everywhere I go, someone calls me that, I'm going to go hide in the room."  LOL!  LOL!  They told him that he would probably be in the video since it was so funny!

When they called him up, Carol Roth handed him the doll and asked, "You don't really know what this is, do?"   He replied, "It's a doll?"   He looked so lost on that stage.  It makes for a story that I will have always, and the DG doll will always be more valuable to me than any other doll in my collection.

After breakfast, I waited in the Color Infusion Line for 3 hours.  Fortunately, they managed the salesroom beautifully.  You could not purchase more than one example of a doll unless you purchased more than 14 tickets.  That way they didn't run out of the more desirable dolls.  I will photography them later.

We all arrived for the Poppy Parker Luncheon which was wonderful.  The centerpiece doll was a Sea Breeze Poppy... and we won one!
 The outfit is simply to die for!   She has the Relunctante Debutante Screening.  What a lovely face!

We found out that next year's Poppy inspiration was taken from the 1964 World's Fair.  They showed us some photos of fashions from 1964 that linked to the World's Fair.  David Buttrey explained that he had a love of the World's Fair and wanted to tie it in with Poppy. 

They also explained that Poppy was going to get a new friend.  Her name was Loni Lawrence; she was a comedienne who lived in the same boarding house as Poppy. 

Then Carol Roth said, "I think a whole year is too late to wait for this friend."  The table hosts reached under the table and gave us all the first edition of Poppy's friend.
She's really cute; she reminds me of the earlier Eden. 

Last night when I was playing around with my Tattoo Francisco, I turned him over and realized he already had a dragon tattoo on his back!  Here it is!


Heather said...

Your coverage of this has been really great! Thanks so much for sharing, and oh my! Do they usually give away so many dolls???

Vita Plastica said...

Yes, I'm with Heather, please let me know. When you say you won Poppy, does that mean you won the choice to buy her? This is what confuses me. What is free and what is not. These workshops and stuff. An extra charge?

Your hubby is such a sport for dealing with convention humiliation. And you are a wonderful wife for loving your DG!

Vanessa said...

Congrats again! You guys have been awfully lucky. I love it. That Poppy DG story will probably be told for many years.