Sunday, October 22, 2017

2017 Fairytale Convention - Event Dolls

Attending an Integrity Toys Convention is not for the faint of heart.  Collecting these dolls is not a cheap hobby.  I know many individuals choose to eat-in rather than dine out, buy less expensive items rather than name brand, and try their best to stretch their dollars as far as possible to be able to afford their collections.  But, oh the joy of a new Integrity Toys doll!

The registration fee for the IT Convention is $550.  That fee includes one lunch and two dinners, the Convention doll at the banquet, any gifts at the Welcome Dinner, and any gifts from the "Poppy Parker" luncheon.  Sometimes there is welcome doll.  There was also an upgrade cocktail party for an additional $85 and a W Club Luncheon option for an addition $130 (which guaranteed an extra NuFace doll).

When guests arrived they received the box for their "Build-A-Doll" giftset.  This is always a favorite of collectors.  At different events you get different parts of the giftset!  At the Welcome Dinner attendees received the doll, Sweet Dreams Nadja Rhymes, wearing a blue dress.  At the Poppy Parker luncheon on Friday, the sleeping head and lingerie were received, and the final pink ensemble was given out at the Banquet.  She represents Sleeping Beauty
I have the Vanity & Glamour Nadja ordered from the mainline collection.  She, too, is blonde.  I would be very tempted by this doll had I not already paid for the mainline version.  I think she is lovely and one of the best welcome dolls produced (next to Glamour to Go Agnes).

The theme of the Welcome Party was "Snow White".  All convention attendees received Fairest of All Poppy Parker as Snow White.  It seems there were 600 attendees this year and that is the edition size of each gift doll.
Oh ... this is everything Snow White should be.  Look at that pale complexion.  Look at that raven hair.  Look at those red lips.  Wonderful.  I am as tempted by this doll as Snow White was tempted by the apple!  I wish I had more money.  For me, personally, I believe this was the best version of Poppy Parker at the convention this year AND IT WAS A GIFT TO ALL ATTENDEES!

Since we have Snow White, we need the Evil Queen.  At every meal there is a centerpiece doll.  It is produced in limited quantity and each person is assigned a number at their table when they sit down.  Numbers are drawn for each meal and the corresponding attendee gets the opportunity to purchase the doll (almost always $150).  One number is identified as the individual who can purchase the actual centerpiece and then additional numbers may purchase a doll NRFB.  This year the table centerpieces were limited to 420 dolls.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Agnes Von Weiss as "The Queen of Everything".
And yes, she is!  I can just hear the name Agnes Von Weiss and I start salivating like Pavlov's dog.  It's embarrassing.  I was a goner the minute I saw the first photo on flickr.  Shamelessly, I watched until one was offered at a decent price and grabbed it up.  I can't wait to get this doll.  She is perfection in my eyes.  I think she will become a "grail" and her price will only continue to skyrocket.  Look at the accordion pleated collar!  The leather bustier.  It's hard to tell from the photos but her ensemble is deep purple.

Following the Welcome Dinner there was an upgrade Cocktail Party.  It cost $85.  The dolls were from the East 59th Street Collection that debuted earlier this year.  The doll received was Constance Madssen representing Lady Tremaine, the wicked stepmother from Cinderella, wearing "Wicked Glamour" (edition size of only 200).
Although I like both the doll and the ensemble, the doll reminds me a great deal like Luxurious Leisure and the dress is reminiscent of 2013's Victoire Roux "Story of My Life".  I have to admit I do prefer "Wicked Glamour" and would pursue this doll had I not owned both the doll and I ensemble I referenced.

Cinderella was not available at the convention, but she will be represented by Evelyn Weaverton wearing "Midnight Glimmer".
I was so excited to learn that this will be offered through the W Club.  Convention attendees will get a discount at purchase, but all W Club members get the opportunity to purchase her.  Another great reward for joining the W Club!  Already ordered!

The next day is typically the "Poppy Parker Luncheon".  It is included in the registration price.  I was wondering how they were going to get around the fact that most fairytales have an element of evil and there is just no way to make Poppy Parker evil!  The solution was simple.  The centerpiece doll was Poppy Parker as Little Red Riding Hood wearing "Through the Woods" (edition size 420, cost $150).
As much as I can appreciate this interpretation, it can't hold a candle to IT's 2008 Yuri as Little Red Riding Hood.  However, it is a lovely alternative to that version which is extremely rare.

So, who's the big bad wolf?  Eugenia Perrin Frost shows up in "Bite Out of Life".  Each attendee received her as free gift.
I love me some Eugenia.  I have owned every version of her.   I'm not sure about this one.  I like my Eugenia fierce, not evil.  If there are any remaining after the convention, I may enter the W Club lottery.  For me, she's not worth the secondary market prices (even though I am in love with the ensemble, especially the cloak).

On Friday Night they have a big sales bazaar, so there are no convention items that night.

The next day is the optional luncheon for W Club members only.  It costs $130 to attend, but each member gets a doll.  The theme was NuFace and the dolls were from Aladdin.  I squealed when I saw my first photo of the table centerpiece, Rayna Ahmadi as Jasmine in "Natural Wonder".  Edition size 420, cost $150.
Things sure have changed in the Middle East when a girl can go around exposing that much chest!  There was simply no resisting this doll.   I hated paying secondary market price on this doll, but I know she will not go down in price.  She is just amazing and will easily become a holy grail!

I held my breath.  Aladdin was portrayed by Giselle Diefendorf wearing "Wanderlust".  This was the doll included in the price of the luncheon.
That's an interesting twist.  I really like this version of Giselle, but I have too many of this mold already.  Unfortunately, she reminds me of a young Cher.   I may have to chase her down when I get my bank account built back up a little.

There's always time for a last minute visit to the salesroom and room sales to spend any last bit of cash before the Farewell Banquet!

As guests entered the banquet hall, who should be waiting for them but Adele Makeda (mold 2.0 - my favorite!) as the Ice Queen dressed in "Frosted Glamour".
Gasp!  That dress is perfection!  The hair!  I totally get the whole concept, but they should have stopped when they were way ahead.   I do not like the frosted lips or frosted eye makeup.  She's too shiny for my personal tastes, and I'm not sure how she will redress.   I am going to have to wait and see IRL photos of this doll redressed and in collectors' hands.

And the moment everyone has been waiting for ... By this time, everyone has figured out it must be Elyse Jolie or Kyori Sato since they were the only dolls in the "core group" who has not made an appearance.   Since we have Sleeping Beauty in Nadja Rhymes, it's only fitting the missing Evil Queen, Maleficent, be the last to show up.  (Maybe she wasn't invited.)   Here we have Elyse Jolie wearing "Malefique".
As much as I can get on board with this whole look, I do not like the purple hair at all.  I already own Midnight Star who is similar.  I also own Dark Romance Giselle's gown which reminds me of this one, so I can almost create this look.  Malefique is a very beautiful doll; I just don't need to pay secondary market prices to add her to my collection.  Sigh of relief.

As a recap:

Hommes:  4 from the Industry + 3 Color Infusion from the salesroom = 7
Color Infusion Females:  2 in the salesroom
The Industry Females:  4
Poppy Parker:  2 Convention Collection, 1 Salesroom, 1 Centerpiece, 1 Gift, + 2 Style Lab = 7
NuFace:  2 Convention Collection, 1 Salesroom, 2 gifts, + 1 Centerpiece = 6
Misaki:  2 doll giftset in salesroom
East 59th:  2 dolls
FR2:  4 Convention Collection, 2 Gifts, + 2 Centerpieces = 8

Grand total:  38 dolls

I think this deluge of dolls is one of the things that may be burning out collectors.  I have already received 22 dolls this year and have still six on order.  That's added to all the dolls I've purchased and held onto in the past 10 years.   Why do I feel like I need more?  I need counseling.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations with the dolls! I look forward to seeing them appear on your blog!

omanriqu said...

I always wait for your wisdom words, as a collector give me some perspective, I just got Nadja nude (open eyes version) and a Heartache fashion, the Saint Laurent fur coat it is a "must" for me.
In a future a will try to add to Erin, Eugenia and Veronique to my collection. I need to sell some dolls before. Thanks for your short review, it is a pleasure to read it.

april_n_paris said...

I LOVE your blog and really appreciate learning about new dolls through your reviews. I am a different kind of collector in that I buy only new dolls that have a look I can use to model all the newest trends of designer clothes I make. I would love to go to a convention, but I suppose I am a bit too practical when it comes to buying so many new dolls. I get too attached to the dolls I have to sell them off and there is a limit as to how many I can physically store. But I imagine that, unless someone is a "traditional" collector who wants all of a series or who has an entire doll room to display the latest and some point everyone is likely to become over saturated with new proposals. In any case, keep on doing what you are doing. I love to read your page.

Kamelia said...

Hello, I like your blog. :) Agnes Von Weiss is my grail, I really hope I'll have her some day. :) She's stunning.

stevenjared0853 said...

These are looking so adorable. The outfits look so trendy. Your blogs are very interesting to read through. I recently attended a Barbie themed bridal bash at the local event space San Francisco and totally enjoyed that bash. Will surely share the photos on my blog soon.

Anonymous said...

All I can think of when I see the ice queen is ororo munroe from the X men, the blue eyes, combined with the hair, it's just too similar to me, they even have a similar skin colour to when she first showed up in the comics
- L