Saturday, June 24, 2017

East 59th - Vintage Feeling

One of the reasons I've been playing with my vintage items is the anticipation of the East 59th dolls' arrival.  When these dolls were revealed in early April, many collectors who love Victoire Roux were excited about adding additional characters to her line.   The designer is Chris Stoekel who is famous for his vintage flair with fashions.  There were four dolls revealed with two different NEW face molds.

The first face mold is Constance Madssen.  She came in two versions:  Captivating Cocktails (this fabric reminds me of the skirt for Venus Secret Eugenia).
and Luxurious Leisure.
The second face mold is Evelyn Weaverton.  She also came in two versions:  Classic Glamour:
and Glittering Gala:
Integrity Toys reported that these ensembles could be shared with the current Victoire Roux line, so I decided to take a chance and purchase one of each face mold.  I've been collecting Integrity products for a very long time.   I remember how much I loved opening the boxes because there was so much detail involved in the packaging.  They have brought that back!  I actually squealed when I pulled the box out!

Here is the back.
And the box opens to look like a little dressing room!!
And the little "card stock paper" doors actually pull open with ribbon tabs to reveal areas for the accessories!
I guess you realized that Glittering Gala was my first choice to purchase!  Here is a closeup of her face.  (I'm afraid she does suffer from a "suspiciously large woman head".)   But her makeup palette is gorgeous!  I wish her eyes were a couple mm farther apart; she would be perfect.  Her head mold is a tad bigger than Victoire's and even Constance's.  It's not "huge" or even "too big"; it's just a little bigger.  I think she would rock a Color Infusion body!  I may even put her on a FR2 body!
Look at all those accessories!  You get a lot for your money!!
My second choice was Luxurious Leisure Constance Madssen...
This ensemble is exceptional quality.   Here is a closeup.
She photographs better than she looks in hand.  She is a very pale skin tone.  Her sculpt is a closer to the scale of Victoire's.

I'm trying to decide if I am going to keep the dolls, redress them, etc.  What do you think?


Jaye said...

The dolls in this like are very stylish.

Phyllis said...

Oh, I like Glittering Gala the best! I did not order any from this line. Had to give the pocketbook a rest for a while! IT has been coming out with new dolls fast a furious this year. I got the whole Industry collection, so I couldn't get this line too!

Carl Torr said...

Love your blog, xx

Anonymous said...

I was really tempted by the East 59th collection, but resisted. I absolutely love the fashions and accessories. but, for me, the dolls themselves leave me cold. That said, I think you selected the best versions of each sculpt, and their IRL photos are prettier than the stock IT pictures. Maybe I can pick up the clothes someday for Victoire. As always, love your blog.

Storm Storm said...

Just found your blog, I am Storm Storm from Flickr. I thoroughly enjoy reading your stories :) And I love your take on East, Evelyn is my favorite, but I do plan to put her on FR2 body. scam said...

hey I never knew that such doll designs ever came. Thanks a lot for sharing these with us and would love to gt these for myself. So good..!!

Mr. Waled Mohamed said...
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Mr. Waled Mohamed said...
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