Sunday, October 23, 2016

Looking For Some "Body"

I recently learned that Electric Enthusiasm Dominique Makeda's body was a donor for many dolls including last year's Convention Kumi.   I got on line and checked all of the Integrity dealers until I was able to locate one at original price.

When she came I was pleasantly surprised by the ensemble.  Here she is NRFB.
And a closeup.  Hmmm... she's actually got a lovely face-up.
She comes with a great purse and some "killer" boots.   Here's a photo outside the box.
I decided to pose her with her two sisters that are currently residing here, Polarity Nadja and Voltage Erin.  (I am still not bonding with Voltage)
I decided I might as well undress her and start up the heating pad.  Ack!   STAIN ALERT!
Fortunately, I purchased this doll directly from a dealer a few days ago and the warranty is still in place.  I contacted Patient Care - waiting to hear back.  With her clothes back on, she is a very pretty doll.


The grandmommy said...

Ack! What a mess on such a fabulous body! I really like her and her outfits.

olla123 said...

Wspaniała lalka! Szkoda, że ubranie tak zabarwiło jej ciało...
Na pewno wszystko dobrze się skończy!
Pozdrawiam serdecznie!