Monday, October 24, 2016

Supermodel - The Convention Collection

It would be easy for a collector to completely go crazy with this year's IT Convention Collection.   This is one of the most cohesive collections in many years.  The theme was "Supermodel, Larger Than Life On The Catwalk."   Let's start with the Convention Collection.  Each of the "mainline" dolls came with an extra Versace inspired dress.  Here are the four of them:

There is Chameleon Vanessa Perrin (the consensus seems to be Linda Evangelista with long hair) wearing Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 1990:
Next we have Fashionista Eugenia Frost (also Linda Evangelista with long hair) wearing the iconic safety pin Versace gown:
Cover Girl Veronique Perrin (looking like Cindy Crawford) takes a cue from sister Vanessa and is also wearing Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 1990:
And Glamazon Adele Makeda (obviously Naomi Campbell) wearing Thiery Mugler Haute Couture Autumn Winter 1992:  
Other dolls in the Convention Collection included:

Editorial Edge Lilith wearing Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013:

Fashion Force Imogen wearing Chanel Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2015:

And the final doll of the Convention Collection was Model Living Poppy Parker (Jean Shrimpton):
The Convention Collection was advertised to attendees prior to arrival.  In addition to the seven dolls in the Convention Collection, there were two "Sales Room Exclusives".  The first is an homage to Madonna.  Her name was Kiss You In Paris Isha.  She was a mini-giftset that included black lingerie.

The second was a black Poppy Parker Just My Style Poppy Parker.  This is the only the second time Poppy has been released in this skin tone.  She is lovely!

I don't think a single doll is a reject.  They are all very lovely and any collector would be lucky having them in their collection.  Had I been at the convention, all nine of them would've come home with me.  

My only complaint (albeit a small one) is that I expected the design team to be less literal in their interpretations of these dolls and ensembles.  Being so literal, I wish they had included the thigh-high boots that came with the original designs.  

As of this writing, I have not purchased one of these dolls.  I am trying to practice self-restraint until after the feeding frenzy has died down.  I haven't seen secondary market prices like these in a few years.  It is a total feeding frenzy with collectors paying over double the markup on the original sales prices.

Even though no one has asked, here are my opinions:

1.  As lovely as Chameleon Vanessa may be, I really don't need another platinum blonde Vanessa.

2.  Fashionista Eugenia is a better screening of Overachiever.  I believe she is the best of the Convention Collection considering the doll + ensemble.  I wouldn't mind adding her to my collection in the future.

3.  Cover Girl Veronique is lovely in that pale blue/yellow combination, but I can't get past that hair.  She is my least favorite of the group.

4.  Glamazon Adele reminds me of the better screenings of this mold - Goldstroke, Talking Drama, and Graphic Language.  I already own all of these.  The perfect doll for me would've been Adele wearing the safety pin dress.  I may achieve that some day, but I can't afford the secondary market on these dolls right now.

5.  Editorial Edge Lilith is interesting but I like Hard Metal better.

6.  Fashion Force Imogen suffers from the fact that I just added one to my collection - the membership upgrade version.

7.  Model Living Poppy is very tempting.  I know attendees have been selling Spy A Go Go in lieu of this version.

8.  Kiss You in Paris reminds me too much of Bewitching Hour.

9.  Just My Style Poppy is adorable, but I still haven't taken The Midas Touch out yet.


Phyllis said...

I did go to the Convention this year (it was my first) and I did purchase the entire convention collection in advance so I have all 7 of the doll. I also purchased the AA Poppy Parker, but did not get the Kiss You in Paris doll. I did purchase all of the centerpiece dolls, took all of the freebies and bought 2 grab bag dolls and 3 CI guys and 1 CI girl as well as a Unoa doll from a room sales vendor and I also purchased other accessories. My daughter came with me and she also got the freebies and the final Centerpiece doll as well as an Erin from a room sales vendor. I had purchased one of the grab bag dolls for her, but after opening it, she did want it so I ended up with the 2 grab bag dolls. I loved all of them! Not a miss in the bunch for me, except maybe 1 of the grab bag dolls, but after I redressed her, she has started growing on me!

guruuvy said...

You picked a great year to attend your first Convention! This was my 6th year and it was one of my favorites!