Monday, December 28, 2015

… So who could it be?

Before announcing the Number 1 Spot in my 2015 collection, let's consider the possibilities.

I have usually been able to find a Mattel product to include in my Top 10.   This year I missed every opportunity to add the more exclusive dolls to my collection.  There were some amazing choices this year!  It seems the Barbie Collector website was either down, overloaded, or was putting dolls up at the wrong time.   That doesn't mean there were a few choice candidates:  TokiDoki, Karl Lagerfeld, Moschino, and Andy Warhol to name but a few.  Unfortunately, I refuse to pay the secondary market prices on these dolls, so they will be admired in photographs on the internet.

Could it be one of the other four ITBE lingerie dolls living here?  Dark Side Anja? Entice Kesenia? My Desire Isha? Or maybe Buxom Veronique?
What about  ITBE Flawless Impact Dania Zarr?
Maybe it's one of the newer ITBE girls from the Santa Grab Bag program that showed up here for Christmas this year?  The extremely popular Ayumi whose name hasn't been revealed?  Immaculate Finley Prince with that latin complexion and dark hair - a Brazilian Beauty?  The collector's favorite Wondrous Tatyana/Jordan?  Or even the saucy Cloudscape Josephine who is lovingly referred to as Gaga?
There were a few mainline FR girls left out who had hurt feelings. Could it be Fame Fable Kyori? Decorum Eugenia?  What about Style Notes Isha?  Perfect Reign Tatyana?  Or Refinement Vanessa (mold 3.0)?
And how did Poppy Parker get overlooked this year?   Lavender Mood Changers, Brunette Mood Changers, or Redhead Mood Changers?  Spring Song?  Out of this World? or Midas Touch?  I added Angel in Blue, Wild Thing, and Dark Moon from the prior year's convention and That Holiday Feeling, so I was "Poppied-out" by the time the Cinematic collection came around.  I missed Lash Out, Paper Doll, and Traveling Incognito altogether but love each of these!  Midas Touch, Redhead Mood Changers, and Traveling Incognito all warrant a Top 10 Spot, don't you agree?
And what other Cinematic Convention dolls found their way here?  With Integrity Toys producing such high edition sizes, it was fairly easy to add dolls purchased directly from IT this year.  I even won the chance to purchase a couple in the lottery.   Several are even still in the on-line store!  There's the homage to Marilyn Monroe Star Power Vanessa Perrin (mold 3.0), the new character Making An Entrance Karolin Stone, maybe the ingenue Sneak Peek Eden, or Idol Worship Kyori Sato (mold 2.0) channeling Elizabeth Taylor?
So many beautiful dolls to choose from.  Could it possibly be a W Club Exclusive?  What about Ombres Poetique Mme Jolie?  Even though she was the last W Club Exclusive of 2014, she wasn't received until 2015.
Maybe it's the W Club Membership upgrade doll Aristocratic Agnes Von Weiss.  I know she is expecting the Number 1 slot!
Could it be the shunned Royal Treatment Veronique Perrin (mold 2.0) that I found so endearing and beautiful?
Have you figured it out yet?  Many of these are extraordinary and deserving of the title.

But I've not shown all the new dolls I've added to my collection this year. What?  That's right.  My Number 1 is not even pictured above.


Phyllis said...

These are all beautiful dolls. Can't wait to see who your number 1 is!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so blessed to have so many beautiful dolls!

AG Lanc said...

I think I know!

Anonymous said...

You are torturing me! All these dolls are MY favorites. I can't even make a list.