Thursday, December 31, 2015

Attempting To Join The Community

Happy Quinn got up early this morning, got out of her pajamas, took a shower, and decided she wanted to stay here.  She got dressed and decided to enlist the aid of another doll who was already a resident.
"I'm going to call you Paige.  But I can't call you Paige Dineen because you're no Katherine MacPhee.  Anyway, that may lead to the purchase of male dolls to fill the roles of Walter, Toby, Sylvester, and Cabe.  Not to mention Ralph.  We can't do that.

Let's think about this.  … You definitely appeal to my geek personality.  I love those glasses.  How about we call you Paige Turner?   Get it?  Paige Turner?"
"I think there is already a drag queen in New York City with that name.  You're going to need to figure out something better.  Maybe something a little more original and a little less corny."

"How do you know about Drag Queens in New York City?"

"I read, of course!  You don't choose to look this geeky without being able to back it up."

"Well, I have decided I want to stay here, but I need to go shopping."

"For what?  We have storage boxes full of clothing.  What could you possibly need?"

"Isn't it obvious?  I need a new body.  I mean, look at you.  You can even stand on your own."
"Well, you're right.  That is an advantage.  I can also scratch my nose and comb my own hair.  I can sit in a chair or on a sofa, too!   We looked for an appropriate body here, but there wasn't one your skin tone  Before going shopping, I think you need to see someone."

"Someone?  Who?  The owner already picked me from all the Fashionista boxes at Walmart.  And let me tell you, there were many to choose from!"
"Yes, but you have to get past Chaundra first."


"The resident Hybrid Queen.  She has to approve everyone."
"Forget your body!  I want one like hers!"
"I'm sure you do, but my body is a Jamieshow 12 inch resin body that is ball-jointed, tied together with cording, and has hand-blushing.  It's an expensive and rare body.

Anyway, before you get your hopes up, you will need to fill out the New Doll Residential Application.  And don't miss any blanks or it will be tossed away and you'll have to start the whole process over again.  There's only about 250 pages to complete."

"Now, I will finish getting ready for the party tonight.  Another new resident has invited me over to watch the fireworks from her balcony and have champagne.  If you'll excuse me…."
Across town, preparing for her guests arrival ….

"May your New Year be filled with joy, health, and happiness.  May you experience the best life has to offer in 2016."


Phyllis said...

I am glad you are considering letting Lea stay! Of course, she must get past Chaundra, but I think she deserves a chance! I will be interested in seeing what body you end up picking for her!

jSarie said...

Doll Residential Application! Love it!

Jaye said...

Chaundra is a little picky with that supersized residential application. But I guess like any doll collector, you do have to have some guidelines...I guess. LOL! I hope Happy Quinn/Paige gets to stay.

Anonymous said...

Lea should tell Chaundra it's about time she change her hairdo and forget about stupid so-called applications...

Jerry, another NYorker

olla123 said...

Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! Jestem zachwycona Twoim blogiem i Twoją Kolekcją Lalek! Są fantastyczne! Wszystkiego najlepszego!

Roville said...

Quinn is adorable! She looks absolutely fantastic, how could Chaundra not sign off on those 250 pages? 250 pages, though? ROTFL!!!7

Farrah Lily said...

Haha, adorable post. I love the mini bottle of champagne!