Sunday, December 27, 2015

Best of 2015 - Number 2

From the top 2 dolls in my countdown, I was still uncertain which to place where as I started this entry. They represent two completely opposite places in my collection.   When I first saw this doll's photo, I totally flipped out.  She immediately became my first "must have" from the Cinematic Convention.
What an amazing likeness to the pop star and fashion icon Rihanna.  It cannot be denied where the inspiration was lifted for this Dominique.
The unexpected thing about this doll is that she redresses so well.  She can get by with so many different looks!  One would think the flame red hair would inhibit such versatility, but it doesn't.
How about a serious business look?  Yep!
Maybe an élégant faux fur?  No problem!
Let's try something funky and mod!
Such a strange addition to my NuFace collection, but such a welcome change!  She is total perfection for a young, modern vibe with a face that refuses to take a bad photo.  It surprises me that this doll can still be purchased for retail price at the Integrity Toys website (80 still available as of this blog entry).   I give you Number 2 of 2015 - Evening Blossom Dominique Makeda.

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