Thursday, July 16, 2015

"It's Rayna Dolls … hallelujah!"

To the tune of "It's Raining Men".  

I was disappointed that I wasn't drawn in the lottery to purchase the recent ITBE Fine Jewel Rayna.  I'm a fan of that mold and knew that the A-Tone version would be very popular.  Her prices NRFB on secondary market are triple her original retail price.  I just refuse to give someone that much of my hard earned money.  I don't like buying from speculators - I believe they are parasites preying on the collecting community.  (Was that too harsh?)

As a "seasoned" collector I know that patience is a virtue.  A collector recently offered this doll nude for a good price, so I grabbed her up.
I don't mind not having the dress.  The seller included the panties, original box, stand, and even the shoes.  I was very happy!  Her hair was a little greasy feeling, so I washed it out.   For some reason, she looks like a "label collecting girl", so Fine Jewel Rayna is wearing a Burberry style dress from Clear Lan.
I like buying dolls that are nude or have been displayed/redressed and loved.  There's no worry about devaluing them.  (I guess that may be why I don't like buying a new car.  When you drive it off the lot, it loses value!)  I have a couple dolls NRFB that I just cannot bring myself to take out because they are worth so much.    That is one of the reasons, I sold my NRFB High Toned Rayna last year.   I couldn't justify taking her out and redoing her hair when she was worth so much on secondary market.
I had seen someone on flickr post photos of a High Toned Rayna that was amazing.  You cannot imagine my excitement when this doll was listed on e-bay, BIN with free shipping.  The price was less than for what I sold mine.   She was complete, and her hair is perfection.  This High Toned Rayna has been very well cared for and just needed a new home.  I couldn't click that BIN fast enough.
This restyled doll is everything I wanted in a High Toned Rayna.  She is also wearing a Clear Lan fashion.

So, here at my house this week, "It's Rayna Dolls … hallelujah!"


AG Lanc said...

Thanks for the post. No you were not too harsh. I hate when people take advantage of others and purposely buy new dolls with the intent to resale the for triple the price. NO DEAL! Thanks for giving me hope that I will be able to obtain Second Skin Vanessa and Midas Touch Poppy Parker oneday.

Phyllis said...

Wow, you Rayna dolls are gorgeous! So glad you were able to get them for a reasonable price! Congratulations. I agree that exercising a little patience is wise when it comes to buying from the secondary market. Maybe if we all did that, there wouldn't be the opportunity for others to price gouge!

Jewell said...

Beautiful dolls and photos! And no, your comment wasn't too harsh. It was honest. I agree that a little patience goes a long way when it comes to finding what you want.

Vanessa said...

I became a Rayna fan when High Toned came on the market. She was just gorgeous and I felt like she had a little flavor. Your new Rayna is gorgeous, too!

Morgan Andronico said...

Greetings!I am desperately seeking a Disney Store limited edition 17" Ariel doll. I am looking for a deboxed or nude one to purchase thank you!