Sunday, July 26, 2015

I've Been Busy

I've not posted as much this summer as last because I started trying to organize data about Integrity Toys (IT)  products.  There are so many different molds/characters and lines that it's hard to keep track of everything. 

It used to be easy for collectors to keep up with things because certain characters were usually produced in specific skin tones.  There were exceptions but there was quite a bit of consistency.  Example:  Agnes Von Weiss is typically the Japan skin tone with the exception of a couple dolls produced in the tan skin tone.  However, IT has been mixing things up quite a bit lately; in the last couple years, Integrity has added to the confusion by producing characters that were typically one race as a different race. 

There is additional confusion because characters are crossing lines now also being produced on different body types.  Many collectors are switching heads and bodies but don't know what to use as donors. 

I have spent a lot of time this summer developing a database.   Here is the main link:

Fashion Royalty Reference Data Base

And here are a couple easy links.  One is for skin tones only (please note that the terminology reflects what is commonly used by the collecting community and terms developed and published by Integrity Toys to describe the skin tone colors - these terms were not created by myself; it was not my intention to offend anyone):

Integrity Toys Skin Tones

Then I have pages for specific lines.

Fashion Royalty/FR2:

Fashion Royalty Character Database

NuFace (Not updated yet for the IFDC dolls):

NuFace Character Database


Hommes Character Data base

I have added these links to the left side of this blog page ease of future use.  I hope everyone finds them helpful. 

I am working on Poppy Parker and Monogram databases.  Those should come available soon.  I have had several readers inquire about skin tones and characters.  I hope this will be helpful to everyone. 


Steinworks said...

Thank you very much, this is very helpful

Anonymous said...

This is incredible, thank you!

Desperately Seeking Dolls said...

Any comment relative to terminology used by Integrity Toys to describe skin tones has been removed by the blog administrator. The purpose of this forum is to share information and provide entertainment with the collecting community. I am not in the business of correcting social wrongs at this time. I hope you understand. Terminology does not reflect my personal beliefs or thinking.

Anonymous said...

You rock! I think your work is awesome with this whole endeavor! Thanks again, Don

Storm said...

Great, thank you!!!!!!!

Storm said...

You miss FNO Luchia, she has cream skin tone.