Monday, July 13, 2015

And Here's ... Aryn

I have already reviewed Mme Jolie on June 2, 2015.  Here is the link:

Truthfully, I actually like this doll's face-up quite well.  I may buy a second one, nude, later. 
I think that Flickr is very dangerous.  You see things on it that you want.  I was inspired by a Flickr photo (account Aquatalls's Corner), painted by QuanaP of an enhanced Mme Jolie.  I hope they think imitation is the highest form of flattery because I had to have a similar doll!   I don't mean I "wanted".  I don't mean I "desired".  I mean I absolutely "had to have" a doll like this.   I commissioned Veronica Hage to create my version.

When she arrived back from Hage Spa, I immediately washed her hair and de-bumped it.  It required a boil perm to get the curls out.  Introducing … Aryn (sounds like Aaron).
I tousled her hair a little.  WOW!
I think Ms. Aryn is smoking hot!  I love those lips!  I just want to lick them!  Her eyes are so penetrating.  I think she is a true favorite around here!  Maybe even a new muse!
Do I even need an original version??


Teddy said...

Wow your repaint is Wonderful , lips are much much better !!! love it

Veronica Hage said...

She reminds me a little of Cosmetic Takeover Natalia. But more demure and bedroomy. I like her like this a lot. I might need a second myself.... LoL

Georgia Girl said...

Beautiful! Veronica does beautiful work!

Anonymous said...
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