Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 25

First, I want to thank everyone for the kind words I've received about my "Summer Vacation" countdown.  It means a great deal to hear them.  I've received encouragement on The Doll Page, here, flickr, and in my personal e-mails.   Thank you.

Today, I am going to spotlight a doll with whom I had trouble bonding.  It was very difficult to find a version of this doll that had good eyes and good hair.  Maybe it was because there were only 500 in her edition size.  She was part of a mini-basic line in 2010 called "The Dazzle Collection" and cost $80 retail.  She is Soul Deep Adele Makeda.
Collectors had been wanting a rooted Afro Adele for a very long time.   Somehow everything evolved into a doll that was very retro.  Even with those upward, side-glancing eyes, I do love my Soul Deep Adele - she adds something interesting and unique to my collection.

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Brini said...

She SOOOOO pretty! I love everything about her from her head to her boots!!