Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 26

One of the most exciting things about an Integrity Convention is the centerpiece dolls.   At each dinner or luncheon, there is a "centerpiece" that is a special doll that can only be purchased by a certain number of attendees who are sitting at the table.   Each person at the table is assigned a number at the first dinner and keeps that number throughout the convention.   The emcee calls out numbers, and those attendees are given the opportunity to purchase the centerpiece doll.  One number gets the actual doll on display and the other numbers get to buy a NRFB version.  I have seen collectors actually cry when they did not have their number drawn for a centerpiece.

Due to this lottery for purchasing the centerpiece, the dolls are usually produced in very low numbers, so they are quite difficult to get.  They are never offered with the other "left over" dolls following gthe convention.   A centerpiece doll can demand a hefty secondary market price.   In my opinion, Fine Jewel Eugenia Frost is one of the best centerpiece dolls ever produced by Integrity Toys.
Fine Jewel Eugenia was a centerpiece at the 2008 IT Convention, "The Heist".  There were only 160 in her edition, and she cost $150 to those lucky attendees whose numbers were called.  I had to get mine on secondary market.  I paid more for her than any doll I had ever purchased up to the point of her purchase.   As you can see, it was money well spent.  She is one of the most beautiful and sought after Integrity Fashion Royalty dolls ever.
Fine Jewel Eugenia is modeling the Style Counsel leopard print skirt and bodysuit from the 2011 Integrity Convention. It is one of my very favorite Fashion Royalty ensembles ever produced.  I've never seen a doll look bad in this outfit.


Dollz4Moi said...

She is GORGEOUS. I find myself having a love affair with certain Eugenia's. Great buy she is well worth it :O)

Roville said...

Oh, yum! Money well spent.