Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 24

Doing this summer countdown has returned some control over my doll collection.  By looking at each character and mold separately, I've been able to identify the dolls that are most important to me.  It has helped me let go of many dolls.   The section on the left hand side of the blog, where I list dolls added to and sold from my collection, has changed considerably.  I have sold off almost all of my silkstones, keeping only my favorite three:  Fashion Editor, Tea and Savories, and Capucine.  I am doing a great job of lowering my FR numbers as well.

In addition, I have been able to upgrade those dolls who are permanent fixtures here by finding appropriate handspeak bodies and selling off the donors.  It is liberating to know I have these dolls on the best bodies currently available that match their skin tones.  The Muse Adele finally got a Bionica Jordan body.

It is past the midpoint of my summer, so I am revisiting the beginning.  We will start with Veronique 1.0 who was one of the first two FR dolls produced.

Sometimes I get a doll and she becomes a character in my make-believe world.  This doll is one of the first dolls to come live with me.  Her name is Sheer Goddess Veronique Perrin.  She was produced in 2004 with an edition size of 1000 and sold for $100.  I gave her the name "Eris", and she has been the subject of many photo shoots.  She tends to be an eclectic dresser and is a highly creative individual in my dolly universe.
Short haired dolls are quite uncommon in the doll world.  They don't come along often and they aren't easy to get "right".   Sheer Goddess Veronique (Eris) has always reminded of a  Liza Minnelli/Sally Bowles and Lisa Rinna combination.  She is fun to photograph and is always willing to try on whatever I put together!

RECAP for Veronique 1.0:    Since I started the summer review, I have sold Flame Rouge/2003, Chic Escape/2003, Traveler by Nature/2004, and Stylish Escape/2006.   (Owned and sold in the past are Lush Life/2002, Midnight in Monaco/2003, Social Call/2004, Lights Camera Royal/2006, New Versailles/2006, Shine/2006, and Body Double/2008.)

That leaves six Veronique 1.0 dolls who are safe in my collection at this time are:

Diamond Dusted (2004)
Sheer Goddess (2004)
Shanghai in Bloom  (2004)
Girl of the Moment on a Nuface Body (2004)
Sound Advice/Ondine (2006)
Onyx (2008)

There is only one Veronique 2.0 doll living here and she was already the subject of a blog post:
Breaking The Mold/2011.  (Gone but not forgotten are Modern Comeback Noir/2011, Sweet Smell of Success/2012, Haute Society/2012, and Convention Hair Workshop/2012.)

So out of 22 Veroniques I have owned, only seven remain on my shelves.


Brini said...

She does remind you of Liza! She does command attention!

Colby said...

This is such a fantastic doll blog. I, too, have collected dolls for many years and I am trying to downsize my collection. You are giving me the inspiration to do so. I thoroughly enjoyed all your photos and comments.