Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Meaning of the Universe

If you think I have the answer, you're in for a big surprise this time!

As I await the next Integrity Reveal, I can't help but feel anxious.  The original intent of this blog was to help me with the emotions surrounding the loss of my mother, while giving me purpose to organize my doll collection.  That was over three years ago.  I still miss my mother every day, and I don't feel any closer to getting my collection under control!  What's up with that?

It just seems that as many dolls (or even more) show up at my door as leave.  I've tried several different strategies.  The only one left would be staying off the internet and e-bay.  Seeing so many beautifully styled dolls really makes me want to add dolls to my collection that I hadn't even considered in the past.    "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"

What's a girl to do?  I sat down and created an Animoto of my Fashion Royalty/FR2 dolls.  I ran out of room at 129 in the video!  There were still about a dozen to include!   That's not counting the Silkstones, Poppies, NuFace, Victoires, or Monograms.  We're talking JUST FR/FR2 dolls.  MOAN!

So, here is the link.    I'm sorry if it takes a while to load.  While you are waiting, here is a lovely photo of a visitor to our blueberry bushes this afternoon.

You can't watch the video full screen because I was too cheap to pay for an upgrade on Animoto.  Sorry!


The grandmommy said...

Going to check out your stuff. In the meantime...that is a great shot of they butterfly. I love them to come visit my garden!

Lucinda Lynn Lawler said...

I love your blog. I too lost my beautiful mother around three years ago, and I miss her everyday. I too am trying to organize dollies. I also search for meaning and have concluded that one just must "be", that is live in the present moment, and that we are all connected on macroscopic and microscopic levels.