Saturday, April 5, 2014

Open Your Eyes - For a Big Surprise - Fifth Doll of 2014 - Paparazzi Bait Adele #2

As a child, I liked to play the game "Open you mouth and close your eyes, and you will get a big surprise."  I bet many of you played that game also.

My fixation on stray doll hairs is no news.  It's one of the reasons I leave many of my girls with stock hair.  When on display and away from the camera, I keep them in hairnets looking like some pretty high paid cafeteria workers!

There have been times I have tried to fix a doll's hair, only to mess them up royally.  I wind up selling them cheaply on The Doll Page and buying a replacement at secondary market prices.  This is not good on the bank account, so it has taught me to leave well enough alone.

Last year, I was able to purchase a doll from my Grail List, Paparazzi Bait Adele.  She was in original condition, was a very good price, and came from one of my blog followers.  You may remember her.  Since her hair was original, I chose to leave it alone.
As anyone who has been collecting dolls for any length of time can tell you, you quickly realize the importance of being in the "right place at the right time".   Someone recently sold a small lot of played with dolls on e-bay for a steal of a price.  (I got three complete dolls and another DG head for $75!)  One of those dolls was Paparazzi Bait Adele.

The doll in the auction had her hair brushed out and needed her eyelashes fixed.  Her body had already started turning color.  When she arrived, I transferred her to an extra body I already had here, fixed the eyelashes, and cleaned up the hair.
What do you think?   I got a "really big surprise"!   This experience has "opened my eyes" to take more risks with brushing out a doll's hair.  I believe I may like my new Adele better than her stock sister.
So now I have twins.  Unfortunately, this is not the first time I've done anything like this.  I sometimes keep a favorite doll in stock presentation and purchase a second one for redress play.    Maybe not very smart, but it allows me to enjoy my hobby more.
 For now, this is my new girl and I think she's going to stay around for a long while!


Nymphaea said...

The hair looks great brushed out too, I like both the looks! She's a beautiful doll.

dollhorder said...

I love the modified look you gave her!!

Vanessa said...

Oh my! The brushed out hair doll looks fabulous!!! This Adele is on my wish list, but truth be told, I haven't really been looking for her. You scored big time.

Georgia Girl said...

Beautiful! I like her better with her hair brushed out. I can't seem to do that to mine either. Great post!

Alasse Carnesir said...

I do have to say, the brushed out hair version is quite stunning. I do like the stock version too but that brushed out hair just gives her a bit of lift.

Gorgeous doll.

Ms. Leo said...

I too love the brushed out hair. I did know that the body changed colors!