Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fourth Doll of 2014 - Second Skin Vanessa

I took a chance with the last W Club ITBE lottery and put one ticket for each membership on just one doll - Second Skin Vanessa.   I knew she would be impossible to get on the secondary market, and I was so happy when I won the chance to purchase her for $75.   Here she is in her box.
Second Skin uses the lamentably retired 1.0 mold.  Devoted collectors of this mold have been demanding its return, so Integrity Toys gave them their wish with a twist.  They gave her a different skin tone.  Here's the closeup.
I was worried sick about this doll's hair.  Everyone knows how OCD I am about my dolls' hair.  Fortunately, Second Skin Vanessa has great hair.
Here is a photo from behind.  I think it's almost as good as Ginza Kyori's hair.
To control this exceptional mane, I decided to keep the curls protected by tying a black ribbon to keep them secured in a ponytail.  Now, I don't have to worry too much about jewelry or clothing getting tangled and messing up the hair.  When Second Skin is not being photographed, I will keep a black hairnet over the hair to keep the curls tight.
A very odd controversy has popped up with this doll - "Is she?" or "Isn't she?"   I've seen some remarks on this that could be taken offensively, though I'm sure they were never intended that way.   I just assumed this doll was African American.   Some people insist that she remains "Caucasian Vanessa" and has just been in the tanning bed too long.  Some have called her "Brazilian" or "Indian".   Some say, "This just isn't Vanessa."

The skin tone is definitely not easy to photograph.  Depending on whether you use studio or natural lighting, the tone can look very different.

Growing up in a bi-racial family, I realize that people come in all colors with all types of facial features. I embrace Vanessa with this new skin tone and think she is exceptional.  For me, personally, she is a beautiful example of a woman of color, and I am excited to have added her to my collection.
I'm sure she will make many redress appearances on this blog, but for now, I love her just as presented. If this is "Basic Edition", I can't wait to see what is to come from Integrity Toys!  I'm probably going to be serious trouble!


jSarie said...

She's lovely - thanks for sharing the photos and your impressions! I quite like the eyebrows on her - and it's interesting to see how different lighting gives her a different look.

AG Lanc said...

Luck you, I really wanted her! She is beautiful, too bad people cannot see her for just that beautiful! I am hoping for a chance to win her in a second chance lotto.

billa's dolls and fashions said...

She's really beautiful, and wery well done, haven't managed to get anything from IT this year yet, but the quality of everything I've seen so far is excellent.

Vanessa said...

She is beautiful, and I love the curls. Did someone really suggest that she was still Caucasian? Now that's funny! Sorry to break it to them. She is a doll of color.

Brini said...

She is gorgeous! You can tell she looks good in any light!

Buffy said...

Congrats on a lovely purchase and thank you for showing her off. I enjoy your reviews and comments.

Anonymous said...

She has lovely hair and that dress is fantastic! Congratulations with this stunning doll!

td9red said...

I am new to collecting and have been reading and enjoying your blog. If you ever decide to part with Vanessa Second Skin, l would love to purchase her. So if she ever makes your outgoing doll list please let me know. 😊. Also, you mentioned selling and buying dolls on The Doll Page, where do I find it? has the name of the page been changed?