Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dueling Agni - Sixth Doll of 2014 - Head for Glamour Agnes/ Seventh Doll of 2014 - High Gloss Agnes with Reroot

I was trying to be really good this month.  Everyone is waiting for the Integrity Toys Convention announcement and registration.  There is supposed to be another reveal at the end of the month.    I'm still paying off Christmas bills.

But how do you say "no" to Agnes?

Last year, I sold my Head For Glamour Agnes.  Her eyelash had fallen off and I thought she favored Dressing the Part too much.  The flickr group has been posting some exceptional photos of this doll, so I've regretted selling her.  She recently came up on secondary market, nude, at an affordable price.

"That's right!  I knew I would worm my way back into your collection!  You are a mere doll collector who is mortal.  You simply cannot resist me!"
"By the way, I really like this closet.  Mattel Toys did a great job on this.  It looks like your taste is not too bad for a human.   It seems you have some very nice clothing for me.  There are only have four of these?  That's hardly sufficient for my needs."
Which leads me to my other acquisition.  A collector was selling a re-rooted High Gloss Agnes on one of the doll boards.  As you know, this doll has been on my "Grail List" for years.   I have never owned a re-rooted doll before, but the price was quite reasonable.  Someone cut this doll's hair a little short for my liking, but who can resist such a beautiful face?

"Who can resist such a beautiful face?  Me of course!  Because it's my face!  Get out of that bed lazy bones!"
"But I just got here.  I came all the way from Australia.  I need my beauty sleep."
"It's time to get up.  I will climb in that bed drag you out of it!"
"Just lay down for a minute.  Calm down and see how nice the bed is.  You are simply too stressed."

"I hate to admit it, but you're right!  This is a very nice bed.  Was it here where we arrived?"
"No.  It arrived yesterday.   Human got it and the bedding for an incredible buy on the new sales website called 'Doll Bid'.  It is called Modern Dreamer Bed and the bedding is called Surreal Comfort.  They are from the 2005 Loft Collection from Integrity Toys.  Human had been looking for this for years and couldn't believe her good fortune in finding it NRFB for a great deal.  There were only 500 of these made!

You should've seen Human fumbling around with the screw driver.  It was hilarious!   But the result is quite extraordinary.  I especially love the fur comforter."
"I think we are going to like it here.  It seems Human has no self-restraint when it comes to our needs!"


The grandmommy said...

Now girls fighting! You are both too beautiful to fight! :-)

AG Lanc said...

You have been finding some exceptional deals lately. I have got to figure out which boards you frequent. I just started collecting about 2 years ago and there are soooo many dolls on my wishlist. Do you post on Flickr? I would love to see your photos.

jSarie said...

Great finds!

I love that shot with the two of them and the full closet and bed - fantastic angle for that scene!

Roville said...

Hahaha... those girls have you wrapped around their little vinyl fingers. Congrats on the acquisitions, looks like so much fun!

Unknown said...

Anyone know someone who's selling Agnes high gloss for a good price? I'm desperately seeking her. She's my dream doll.😭😭😭