Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Unmentionables" - Warning Open At Home

First, I want everyone who comments on my blog to know how much it means to me to read what you have to say.  For some reason, this particular program will not let me respond back.   This week's blog post is about a topic that's been on my mind, and I definitely want to hear what other collectors think about it.

In the past few weeks, I've had to "de-follow" some great collectors on flick-r because their photos were just getting too racy.  I began to wonder, when do photos start becoming "naughty".

I remember when Mattel's Silkstone line was first introduced with the lingerie dolls.  It was quite a stir.  I remember news reports about "This is not your daughter's Barbie!"   I loved the line immediately and  believed you could see more real flesh at the neighborhood swimming pool!

So, here are some photos I took this weekend.  I will show a "lingerie photo" and then a closeup.  The closeups are just gratuitous because I love their faces!!!  I used NuFace models since Integrity has announced that the next webinair will be May 17 (originally announced for late April) and there will be no NuFace dolls offered at that time.  I miss my NuFace dolls, and, for some reason, they seem less naughty in lingerie than the girls with the big chests.  Also, they fit the Silkstone lingerie better.

Let's start with something that looks like a shorts outfit … Here is High End Envy Erin wearing Mattel's Highland Fling.
There is just something about a redhead wearing a tartan plaid!   It is just irresistible.  I don't believe this looks naughty at all.
Next, we'll go to Heavy Metal Lilith.  This is another Silkstone ensemble.  This time the fabric looks a little more like lingerie - a garter and stockings were added.
I'm not sure why … but are the garters the suggestive part of the ensemble?  I believe society has always had "a thing" for garters.
We've had a redhead and a brunette, so I figured it was time to get out a blonde.  Here is Dark Romance Giselle.  She is wearing the lingerie from Integrity Toy's Midnight Lace Mini-Gene.
No garters here … the tummy is completely covered, but the photo makes me a little uncomfortable.  Is it the chiffon robe and color black that makes this naughty?
When I put Fame by Frame Imogen in a white version without a robe, it doesn't seem to bother me at all.
It just looks like a cute little dress.  It doesn't make me feel the least bit embarrassed to look at it.  Why is that?
There has been plenty of lingerie made for dolls.   Here is Glam Addict Giselle wearing NuFace lingerie.
Is it the additional skin?  The garters and stockings again?  This photo just seems too sexy.  It's almost like you're invading someone's privacy - you're seeing something you shouldn't be seeing.

So, tell me …

Is it American culture that is to blame?  Are we just too sensitive to "unmentionables" that they shouldn't be seen in public places even though string bikini's are alright at the pool?  Is this forbidden fruit?

Do you find any of the photos are more naughty than others?

Are you okay with all these photos but object to photos of dolls in intimate settings?  Male and Female dolls together?  Dolls of the same gender together in suggestive poses?

Where do you draw the line?


The grandmommy said...

I am like you. My followers and their comments are very important to me...especially if I consider them a personal friend.
I think the red and black are sexy because they accentuate the breasts and groin areas.
I am very uncomfortable with the violent shots or those with lots of blood. There are a couple more types,but I just comment and keep moving. LOL

Vanessa said...

Raciness and naughtiness are in the eye of the beholder. You mentioned society in your post. I'm not one to form my opinions based on what society thinks. So that probably makes a difference. I do not get offended by 'racy' doll pictures that are geared towards adult viewing. I limit the adult themes on my blog, ONLY because I started on YouTube and a lot of my viewers are kids. Doll lingerie is not racy at all to me. I love that black outfit. I would expect adults playing with dolls to delve more into adult themes. There are readers who crave to have adult themed stories. I think there should be something for everyone. We can't all be cookie cutter doing the same thing. And if we doll people really cared what society thought, we probably wouldn't be playing with dolls in the first place. Society thinks that is more than a little strange.

Lisa Neault said...

I find the outfits from demure to sexy, but they do not really bother me. There are some photos that adult collectors do that make me feel a trifle uncomfortable, but like Vanessa said, adult collectors will delve into more adult themes. I do not find society as a whole cares too much about this- look at what was considered inappropriate for children , say 15-20 years ago and the genres on now that are considered 'family' viewing...I guess that is why I collect/play with dolls since society's perceptions are a little off , lol. I love your blog and pictures, Erin in Highland Fling's outfit is stunning.

MJ said...

I just discovered your blog purely by accident. I love all the pictures and your beautiful dolls though as to your question I am inclined to agree with Vanessa.
The only pictures I don't like to see as grandmommy said are violent, bloody pictures though when I think of the inspirational lady, France Glessner Lee who introduced miniature crime scenes to forensic research, it seems all have their place in society in some form or other.