Friday, June 14, 2013

Technology is a Funny Thing

As a teacher, I really have to keep up with technology.  Afterall, my students are usually way ahead of me!

One of the new programs our school has been working with students on is Animoto.  I decided to spend some time on it this week.   (I apologize that I didn't bother taking newer photos.  These were already in my photobucket and flickr accounts.)

Blogspot doesn't allow proper resolution for you to watch the video in full screen, but I hope you get the idea.   Here is the link to post in your browser if you would like to see it a little better - it still can't be viewed well in full screen:

Warning:  The video is accompanied by the explicit version of Keeps Getting Better by Christina Aguilera, so you may want to mute the video before playing.

What do you think?

Animoto is a free application on their site:

You can only produce 30 second videos in a limited number of formats.  For $30 (for one year) you can upgrade to full length videos - I have the $30 membership.  A further upgrade will let you produce HD videos.   It's more expensive but may be worth it if you share a lot of what you produce and want to watch the videos in full screen.

I think this is very cool and really wanted to share it with my followers.


Vanessa said...

Isn't Animoto great? I used it a few times about three years ago. So easy and the results are great. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful dolls.

Anonymous said...


Roville said...

That was fun. I liked seeing it in the bigger version better but wish it was even bigger - those girls are worth looking at. How did you add the music?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I enjoy seeing your Blog from time to time. Thank you for your dolly fun reviews. I have enjoyed my Peak Season Kyori doll very much. She is still my favorite Kyori doll. I purchased her from you. Thank you. I like your video, I wish it could be a better resolution. Still, I applaud you for trying to learn a new medium. I think your changes of adding the fur and earrings are a nice touch.
Have doll fun. :-)