Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Confusion Is Nothing New

With the convention for the International Federation of Doll Collecting (IFDC) quickly approaching, I decided to blog about last year's IFDC dolls.

Integrity Toys has always been a huge supporter of the IFDC.  Midnight in Monaco was the convention doll in 2003 - ten years ago - which was only the second full year of Fashion Royalty doll production.  Many beautiful dolls have been produced for the IFDC, including some of my favorites: Diamond Dusted Veronique, Born to Gamble Kyori, and Dress Me Luchia.  Go Home Rayna from 2011 is one of the most sought after Integrity Dolls and was a huge hit with collectors.

At the end of 2012, I did a "Favorite 12 Dolls of 2012".  Two of the 2012 IFDC dolls actually made it on my list: Shake It Up Korinne (middle) and Rock Me Baby Rayna (far right).  Recently I was able to acquire Long Cool Woman Kesenia (far left) to complete the group.  Here is a photo of the three dolls together.
Integrity is very good about providing collectors with information about each version of every doll.   All three of the IFDC dolls are on the Victoire/Bride of Dracula body.  I love this body on Victoire because it allows her to wear my Vintage Barbie fashions, but I'm not a fan of using it on other dolls.
Unfortunately, Integrity's mixing bodies and skintones up makes my OCD hard to bear.  All previous versions of Korinne have been on FR bodies.  Her first issue was Easy Elegance in 2011.  She was sporting a tan body.  (She was purchased for her clothing ensemble and sold nude.)   In 2011, we also got four Convention versions that were used for a workshop:  Blonde on tan body; brunette, raven, and auburn hair on Caucasian body.  The 2012 Shake It Up Korinne is porcelain skintone.  She keeps changing body color!  And now she is short!  I went looking for an appropriate body donor.   This porcelain skintone has only been used on a few dolls, so it is difficult to locate donors.  I decided to buy a NRFB Follow The Line because I have wanted the outfit for a long time.  Somehow I wound up purchasing two (a fellow collector had offered to sell me one after I purchased one from a dealer).  Here they are redressed:
This allowed me to keep one (the one on the left) and body switch the one on the right.  Here is Korinne on the tall FR body.  A big improvement in my mind.
She is now perfect in my eyes and my OCD can rest in regards to Korinne.
Now, let's move on to Kesenia.  I owned the first two versions of Kesenia, Hourglass from the 2010 Integrity Convention and Porcelain Beauty from 2011.  I sold both of them nude.  All the Kesenia dolls had been produced in the palest skintone (as explained above) until this version ... and now she is tan.  (The 2012 regular line Kesenia - Your Kind of Model - was released following the IFDC version.  She is not in the porcelain skintone.)  To further confuse things, Kesenia was actually a mold used for the original Brides of Dracula dolls.  All Kesenia girls have been released on the regular FR body, so she needed a body donor as well.   Unfortunately, there wasn't a tan doll here that I wanted to Frankendolly.  Anyway, I believe this version of Kesenia looks too young to have such a buxom frame, so I decided on a NuFace body that I already owned.
I prefer her on this body because she looks younger to me than her earlier versions ... but can my OCD handle this??  I hope so, because I think she looks HOT!
The previous versions of Rayna, Go Home (Caucasian) from the 2011 IFDC and High Toned (Tan) from the 2011 Integrity Convention are both on NuFace bodies.  This version of Rayna is just too sensuous for the NuFace body.  This doll just screams for the FR2 body which I just happened to have one lying around.  (By the way, thank you Matty for selling me this Hollywood Bound Silkie dress - Rayna LOVES it!)
WOW!  Now, that's an improvement.   But again, will my OCD allow this to continue?

So, I took three dolls on Victoire bodies and changed them all.  Two of them wound up on bodies they aren't normally using.  Confused yet?  Maybe if I keep myself confused enough, the OCD won't know what is going on.


Fashion Doll Foto said...

WOW! Robyne! Rayna KILLS it in that dress! Loved this blog entry btw! Enjoy it hon! :)


Anonymous said...

My goodness, Kesenia looks exactly like Elizabeth Berkley!
They should make a doll recreating her character in Showgirls...I'd love to have that fuchsia dress she wore.


Heather said...

Beautiful choices! Rayna is just amazing... I love that face sculpt!!!