Monday, June 10, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole ...

I had made up my mind that I would no longer collect 16" dolls, with the exception of a few Ellowyne girls that I just can't bring myself to part with.   I have sold almost all of my Tyler and Sydney girls.  They have gone to great homes and are loved and cared for.  When the Tulabelle line debuted, I used my new phrase (thanks Reese), "These dolls are not for me at this time."

However, one of those dolls continued to nag at me - Pomp and Circumstance.  I love it when a doll company gives us something different ... maybe even a little odd.  This doll's hair and outfit is just too creative!  Then Shuga Shug's blog started posting actual production photos of her.   I could no longer resist.  I used my W Club discount coupon and went shopping.

Here is the what the presentation of Tulabelle looks like:
The box is purple with a lovely purple bow!  The inside of the top box has a cool graphic.
Here is the story...
And this is what Ms. Pomp and Circumstance looks like in her box. 

I love this faceup and hair.
Here are the accessories.  First up is the jewelry and sunglasses.
Next, we have the purse.  It is so cute!  Love the little heart hang tag.
And she came with two pairs of shoes.  One is heels and one is flats.
This is what her foot looks like.  She has an ankle joint and then a foot joint that bends to allow her to wear high heels.  That's so cool!
This is what she looks like right out of the box.
Here she is without the coat (which I totally love!!)
With her jewelry!
It was time to go through the closets for some redress opportunities.  How about Ellowyne?
Then there was this outfit I found a long time ago at Tuesday morning on an "off brand" 16" doll.
I kind of like the casual Tulabelle.
I wasn't satisfied with these choices.  So, I did some research and took off to e-bay.  Here is an Alex outfit called Cliff Walk.
Even the shoes fit!  I love this color on her.  She's definitely found a home here.  Oh, no!  What have I done?
I used the money my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday.   I can't get over the spell this doll has cast on me!


Bree said...

Ah Tulabelle. I do collect 16" as my primary collection, but I'm still resisting her (although Pomp, Violet and Coated are all singing their siren song, I'm NOT listening).

I bought 3 of the big Poppy dolls and haven't been impressed with the body. The legs look like toothpicks to me, and all 3 had loose torso and knee joints. She has lousy posture. I still have Spring Morning because I can't resist a redhead, but I've thought of selling her several times.

Hope your Tula has better joint control. I would avoid taking off the plastic knee protectors as long as you can, if you like your doll to actually stand.

I've got Monogams so stiff I can barely pose them, and Poppys so loose they slouche and knee bend even on her stand.

QC just isn't that great at IT.

Fashion Doll Foto said...

I love her! She's so tempting, but I will enjoy her through your photos and love of her! <3

Heather said...

There's always one... gah! hehe, She's beautiful though, excellent choice!