Monday, March 11, 2013

At Your Request

I've never had a follower request a redress from me before, so how could I refuse.  Christie asked that I show a photo of Fame by Frame Imogen wearing the Funny Face "A Woman Who Thinks" yellow gown.  At first, I thought it would just be quite short on a taller girl, but I was very wrong.
Here is a close-up.  She looks great in yellow.  This gown truly suits her.  Great call Christie!!
So, that left Jo nude.  I had picked up the Poppy Parker "Isn't It Romantic" gown at a super price recently and no one had worn it yet.  It just seemed appropriate.
Here is a closeup - Let's Kiss and Make Up is one of the most beautiful dolls.  She looks great in everything.
"Amateurs!"  Dovima screeches from the sofa.  "I know now why I was brought here.  It's really quite obvious.  I am a professional model."
This is a Mattel Embassy Waltz gown.  I was a member of the Barbie Collectors Club back in the late 1990's.  Embassy Waltz was the club doll from the third year.  I've had her in my closet since 1998 waiting for the right model.
"And I have arrived."  Dovima is obviously quite a diva. 

Here is a group shot.  (Don't tell Dovima but I'm afraid Imogen actually steals the spotlight!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you! How nice of you...
I'm keeping these great pics while I manage to get the ensemble. Yellow looks so well on tanned skins.
And nice choices also for Jo & Dovima. The latter reminds me of an Indian Peafowl; she has the attitude as well...LOL
Thanks again.

Fashion Doll Foto said...

...somehow...Imogen is coming to my house too. Oy. ;) XO

Vanessa said...

She looks great in that yellow dress! The other ladies look nice, too.

Rich Benson said...

WOW Dovima looks amazing in that Embassy gown! Not to detract from the other two, but she really is spectacular!


NataliaFan said...

The yellow dress looks gorgeous on the tan body.

I have the Sabrina dress too, and wonder whether you agree that the execution was a little odd? I mean, to go to the effort of copying the embroidery so accurately but doing it on taffeta when the original gown was organza, is baffling to me. The Mattel version was better (which is something I never thought I'd say because Integrity Toys are usually leagues ahead of Mattel in terms of the quality of the doll clothes).