Friday, March 15, 2013

Funny Face Part III

I have really been enjoying the Funny Face collection that was recently released by Integrity Toys.  I decided to open the dolls slowly, so I could fully indulge the pleasure of each one.  It has been so exciting to have these beloved sculpts on the smaller bodies.  The most eagerly awaited of these dolls was "Take the Picture" which uses the Vanessa 1.0 sculpt.  Here is a full length photo of how she is presented.
I have decided to call her Jo-nessa.  It is great to have a doll with full irises that are looking forward.  Just look at this wonderful face.
Here is a photo of accessories.
I hadn't shown a photo of how these dolls are packaged.  Here is the outside of the box.  It is beautifully packaged.
Here she is out of those ribbons.  The dress is exquisitely made.
I wanted a closeup so you could see the jewelry.  It is amazing.
She is such a lovely doll.

 I decided to take her out of her gown.  She insisted that she wear something green in honor of St. Patrick's Day.
Just an all-around beautiful doll who will have provide a lot of redress fun!


Georgia Girl said...

She is gorgeous Robyne. I would love to see the back of her hair. Is it in a bun?

Vanessa said...

She is beautiful and so is that red dress. But she is wearing the green quite well, too.

Dollz4Moi said...

She's pretty. I love her jewelry. Nice to see the line of dolls