Friday, March 22, 2013

Come To Mama

A doll from my list of "Five Dolls I Want To Add To My Collection" came available about two weeks ago.  This particular doll is difficult to find with perfect eyes and hair.  Whenever there is an auction, I always ask if the photo is of the actual doll and study it carefully.  I have seen some serious "wonky eye" on this doll and the hair is a hot mess sometimes when it is combed out.  Here she is wearing Anja's Business Class dress from the Jet Set Convention of 2011.
This is Paparazzi Bait Adele.  She was being sold nude by one of blog followers!  I fell in love with the photo.  Her eyes and hair are amazing!  She still had the hairnet sewn into her hair.  How perfect!!!  She is very hard to capture in photographs, but, in person, she is gorgeous!  This is the best I could do.

She is smoldering!  I am on an "Adele Obsession" right now.  I just got Talking Drama and now have added Paparazzi Bait.  Since I have an opening on my list of "Five Doll ....", I think I'm going to put Lustrous Silhouette from 2005 on the list.  I've wanted this gown for years ... wish me luck!  This is her stock photo from Integrity Toys (they own to the copyright to the photo).

Last week while I was playing with my Funny Face dolls, I wanted to see how "Take the Picture" would look on the regular FR body.  I recently sold Power Game Natalia, but the buyer wanted me to put her on a NuFace body.  That left me with Power Game's original body which had red finger and toe polish.  It was Japanese skintone, so I was surprised it was a match for "Take The Picture".  I now have a pale Vanessa in my collection.  She is wearing the 2010 Convention Kesena Hourglass lingerie.

She is surprisingly sexy on this body.  I decided to put her in a Randall Craig skirt and a blouse from the Color Infusion Lab Outfit 3.  The blouse is a little snug, but it looks good on her.  The shoes are from Intoxicating Mix Vanessa.  She can stand on her own in these shoes!

She looks quite different from my other Vanessa dolls.  The big, brown eyes really changes her face up. She may be keeping her plastic surgery "enhanced" frame for a little while.


Vanessa said...

Oh is that what Paparrazi Bait Adele looks like new? LOL! She's been on my list, but I have never seen her with her hair in the net. I'm one who prefers it combed out. As usual, all of your dolls look wonderful in their chosen ensembles.

Dollz4Moi said...

Love PB Adele. She is one of my favorite ladies. I have her on a Monsieur Z body (Global Babe). I love her with the smaller bust. I have yet to comb her hair out.

I like Jonessa's new upgrade too. She looks fab in her ensemble :O)

NataliaFan said...

This put a smile on my face because I bought just the On How To Be Lovely head on eBay with the intention of putting it on a tall FR body, but then decided to get a Poppy Parker body after all so she could wear the Funny Face outfits. Silly thing to do because it would have cost me less to just get the naked doll in the first place not the head and body separately. Oh well.

What sort of camera do you use? Your photos always turn out so well.