Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Woman Who Thinks

I guess my most eagerly anticipated doll from the Funny Face collection was A Woman Who Thinks.  This doll represents the model Dovima who played herself in the movie.  Integrity used the Anja mold for this doll and the Monogram body with Victoire legs.  My favorite Integrity dolls in my collection are Bodacious Adele, AFL Vanessa, and Poesie Vanessa - you might say I am sucker for a widow's peak.
As much as I love this doll, there is something "Eddie Munster-like" about her hairstyle.  I think it is the widow's peak combined with the color of her hair and the style/length.  It is a little distracting, but not enough to make me take her out of my collection.

From all of the clothing in the Funny Face Collection, I thought the yellow dress was the most "disposable" from the offerings.  I was wrong on this assumption.  I love the quality and attention to detail in this ensemble.  This is a photo of the full length NRFB mini-giftset.  She is awesome as are the clothing items!
I deboxed the accessories and photographed them.  There are "diamond" earrings and bracelet, a pair of matching shoes for each outfit, a second set of hands, and a pair of black gloves.
Dovima came out of the box thirsty.  "It was a long and very tiring journey getting here.  At least you have a well-stocked bar.  I need a little something to take the edge off."
"If I'm going to be staying, maybe I'll just have a seat right here and rest a while.   ... I don't like the way that feather duster is looking at me.  ... I must be more tired than I realized?"
"Darling, would you be a dear and model that yellow dress for me?  I'm just not feeling up to it tonight."  Dovima finishes her second glass.  Never missing an opportunity to try on clothing, Jo is more than accommodating. I used my steamer on the chiffon and was able to take out most of the wrinkles in a few short minutes.  As you can see, the yellow dress is wonderful!
Although she is quite the diva, I believe Dovima will be a wonderful addition to my collection.  I can't wait to give her some more redress time ... that is if I can get her off that sofa.


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Oh, please; put that yellow dress on tropicalia Imogen...


NataliaFan said...

Dovima is indeed wonderful! I have so few dolls with short hair and am always on the look out for more. Dovima was a welcome addition and I love dressing her in fashions that were inspired by or copies of actual haute couture pieces from the '50s. She's currently wearing the Christian Dior "Bar" new look ensemble made for Christian Dior Barbie from a few years back.