Sunday, March 3, 2013

Miss Chaundra Puts Her Foot Down

Anyone who follows this blog knows by now that my girls are clothes hogs.  I have a list of FR items that I am always on the look for.  One of those items made its way to my house last week.  It is the sheath from Poesie Sans Coleur Vanessa.
I was so excited to find this ensemble on the original card.  It had never been worn!

"Wait one cotton-picking minute!  I am so tired of seeing clothing come into this house for those big-busted women!"  Chaundra is apparently not happy.  "And here I am still in this gown from Christmas.  You put me in this and didn't even take a photo!"
Oh, oh!  "I'm sorry, Chaundra.  Don't you remember how sick I was over Christmas?"
"I don't recall that illness preventing you from posting your Best of 2012 posts!  Did it?  And I've been sitting up there for weeks.  You had time to debox and post that Funny Face giftset.  What's so special about those Funny Face dolls, anyway?  Huh?  Take the picture!   Take the picture!  TAKE THE PICTURE!"  (Chaundra does her best Audrey Hepburn imitation.)

"That was really quite good, Chaundra.  I'm impressed.  Would it help matters if I told you I had purchased an outfit for you?"
"Well ... you have my attention.  But it better not be one of those cheap Mattel outfits.  It better not have velcro anywhere!"

"What if I told you that it was an older Fashion Royalty outfit?  That it is approriate for winter.  That it is leather?"
"It better be very nice!  I'm ready to pack my bags and move on, you know.  After you brought all those dolls in from that convention you attended, the whole Committee quit.  I don't think we'll even get them back.  I might be able to persuade them, but only if you convince me that you are truly sorry for ignoring us."

"You know I am.  And I just listed 10 dolls for sale on The Doll Page.  I'm going to try and help the committee get things back under control.  I promise.  Here is the outfit."
"Oh my!  You really did go out of your way to redeem yourself.  This is what I deserve to be wearing.  Luxury!  Class! What outift is this?"

"It was from Perfect Skin Adele from 2004. Isn't it wonderful.  Do you forgive me?"
"I guess so.  But don't forget that I am always number one in your collection."

"Whatever you say, dear."


Vanessa said...

You tell her Chandra! How dare she ignore you. At least you got a great outfit out of the deal.

Love that first outfit, too!

Roville said...

Well, ya gotta admit, the girl has good taste. As for the attitude, hee hee, glad she lives at your house.

Georgia Girl said...

Lol! Cute! Love the outfit!

Rich Benson said...

That Poesie sheath IS fantastic! And I so love Chaundra, she makes me want a Barbie! But I suppose I do have plenty of divas with attitude.... The Adele outfit looks great on Chaundra. Those pants and jacket also look great with the High Brow Adele lavender blouse.