Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oh, NO! ... Not Again.

I have come to the conclusion that my problem is that I can appreciate a pretty face.  I appreciate too many pretty faces.  That's why my collection is overwhelming at times. 

The latest "pretty face" to join my collection is Luncheon Ensemble Silkstone Fashion Model.  I quit collecting Silkstones a few short years ago.  Last year I was tempted back but settled for the clothing from Walking Suit and Evening Gown.

But I am a real sucker for a beautiful redhead.  Maybe it was too many episodes of I Love Lucy when I was a kid.   This doll just seemed to push all of the right buttons for me.
It's hard to believe this doll retails for $50.  The fabric is just gorgeous and the perfect weight.  The details are amazing.  Look at those little bows on the shoulders of the generously proportioned swing coat.  I even like that the sleeves are long enough to cover the tops of the gloves.  Here is a full length photo with the coat discreetly closed.
The rose in the turban may be just a little "over the top", but isn't that what fashion is all about?  Here is a photo of the bodice of the sheath.  It is exquisite. 
There's been a lot of concern about the "mutton chops" on the side of this girl's face. I found a quick fix.  I wet them and wound them inside the clear plastic round earring protector.  It helped make the hair look like "spit curls".  Here is a side view (I know it looks better from the front) -
I was so fond of the promo photos of this doll, I did some research and found that "Boater Ensemble" was the next in the lineup.  Unfortunately, you have to be a member of The Barbe Collector Club to purchase it.  Fortunately, I was able to join last week when it opened for new members.  I guess I'm collecting Silkstones again. 


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Luncheon Silkstone Fashion Model Ensemble is impressive. I love your face and your outfit. The price is not expensive. Great buy. Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

You are out of control. LOL! I'm glad you are having so much fun.