Sunday, December 16, 2012

World On A String

When Integrity Toys revealed their 2012 lines this spring to the W Club, I was watching on my laptop, talking with my best doll friend on the phone.  We watched as each doll was showcased and had a comment on each.  I can still remember seeing World On A String Eugenia.  I can still recall my comment ... "Now, that's a HOT MESS!"

After the reveal, I , like many other collectors, contacted my dealer.  Eugenia did not make it to my preorders.  She was just too much for my senses to process in such short period of time. 

When I attended the Integrity Convention this fall, I got to see this doll in person.   That's when I realized there was much more to this beautiful doll than I had initially believed.  Her face-up is gorgeous.

She reminds me of the helper doll version of Point of Departure.  She has the most beautiful green eyes.  Sometimes when you deconstruct a doll, the parts surpass the whole.  I think this is the case in Eugenia.  Her accessories were fabulous.

The handbag is phenomenal.  It's lavendar, has a detachable shoulder strap, and the "leather" is patterned.

The hat is a dark charcoal gray and the shoes are very well constructed.

These shoes have a transparent panel in the middle.  This is what they look like on the doll.

One of the wonderful details that Integrity has initiated this year is the "detachable" fur collar.  This jacket, as well as And Another Thing Kyori's, has a fur collar that is attached to tiny buttons by little elastic loops.   Here is what the outfit looks like without the collar and belt.

It does look better when paired with the belt.  In this photo you can see the lovely green enameled ring and earrings.  The braclet is silver and has a "chunky" pattern to it.

Without the jacket, you can see the lovely blouse.  I wanted to show the length of the skirt.
As I was photographing this doll, I gradually realized the fabric to this skirt matched jacket to Kyor's suit.

This is one beautiful doll.  I believe she will be quite versatile to redress.  Red-haired Eugenia dolls are rare - and I love this one.

When I returned from the Convention on October 1, I quickly searched all Integrity Toy Retailers for a possible purchase.  I was surprised to find her still available at retail price for pre-order.  This surprise was only surpassed by the pleasure of opening the box Friday night. 


Georgia Girl said...

Eugie is gorgeous! I hate that I didn't order her.

Magdalena Marszałek said...

I love her shoes, I have allmost the same! :D
She is really pretty! :)

Vanessa said...

She is beautiful! I loved her from the very first shot, too. They did a wonderful job on her outfit and accessories.

Roville said...

You gave a wonderful reiview - I saw things I hadn't noticed on my own. Her blouse is gorgeous, and I love that her jacket matches Kyori's skirt. What a nice mix-n-match set that is now.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: she is very pretty. Her clothes and shoes are awesome. I like very much. Keep in touch

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I got her, cant wait for her to arrive, with that hair color and eyeshadow color she is the most unique Eugenia ever!!!