Friday, December 21, 2012

I Love Rock n Roll


Sometimes a doll comes along that truly challenges your beliefs in what you "think" you prefer in your collection.   Even though I didn't want to love Forces of Nature, I am a big fan of this hair/skintone combination.  Going Public Eugenia and Paint In Black Colette are two of my very favorite dolls. 

I do not collect porcelain skintone dolls.  I sold Festive Decadence Agnes.  I sold Procelain Beauty Kesenia.  That "glow in the dark" look was just not for me.  Last year I purchased Easy Elegance Korinne.  I was so excited to get a new mold.  When she got here, I thought her features were too masculine.  I had no desire to purchase any of the Workshop Korinne girls either.
When the W Club offered a lottery for the IFDC "leftovers", I didn't even enter for this doll.  She was a porcelain skintone Korinne.  She was also on a Brides of Dracula body.  Everything was against adding this doll to my collection.  ... Then I became friends with Rich in FL.  He couldn't say enough good things about her.
Time to re-evaluate.  Afterall, Rich and I have very similar tastes.  What was I missing here?  Here eyes are gorgeous.  She has red lips.  Her hair is amazing.  Here are her accessories.
The shoes are really cool.  The textured hose a nice touch.  LOVE the necklace!  I gave in when I found one NRFB on e-bay with a BIN price LESS than retail.  Actually about 20% LESS than retail.   What did I have to lose?  If she arrived and I decided I just couldn't live with her, I could at least resale her and get my money back.
Once she was out of the box and redressed, I couldn't believe my eyes.  Another one of my best doll friends, Reese, has created a new saying:  "This doll is not for me - AT THIS TIME".   I love this saying because it so fits my collecting habits as well.   Some dolls need time to "grow on you".  
Sometimes, you need a good dolly friend to help you realize what you're missing.

Sometimes you have to let your guard down and take a chance.  So thanks to Rich for showing me the way.  And thanks to Reese for my new collecting mindset.  This doll's production name sums up what she did to my collecting philosophy.  #10 is "Shake It Up Korinne".  (My girl is a little modest, so she is wearing a foundation garment ... no costume malfunctions in her performance!

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Vanessa said...

She is beautiful! I love her jewelry! Beware of friends like Rich and Reese. They could have us broke. LOL! Or should I say, more broke.