Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jason Wu Event IX

Today, I realized that in less than three weeks I would be at my first doll convention EVER.  Time sort of sneaked up on me.  I'm beginning to feel a little excited, but also a little apprehensive about the money that will be spent.

In some ways I hope the collection isn't phenomenal, so I won't return home with buyer's remorse and an empty pocket book.  In other ways, I am hoping it's everything I can imagine.  With that said, I decided to put together my "Best of Jason Wu Event Dolls".  It took me a long time to narrow it down to 12 dolls that currently reside in my collection.  Without further ado.
#12 - 2011 Jason Wu Event VIII:  The Silhouette Collection/Fauboug Saint Honore Victoire Roux.   This doll really rekindled my collecting last year.  I usually go into a new line kicking and screaming, but the vintage appeal of this girl couldn't be denied.  She is wearing the suit from Foreign Affair Giftset.  (Note: I dressed the girls in some of my favorite Integrity fashions.)
#11 - 2009 Jason Wu Event VI:  Optic Clash Dania Zarr.  This doll is stunning.  I haven't even been able to take her out of her box yet.  She takes my breath away.
#10 - 2010 Jason Wu Event VII:  Smoke Screen Dania Zarr.   Many people don't like this doll's eyebrows, but I love everything about her.  She has a more mature look and is so elegant.  She is wearing Silver Society.
#9 - 2009 Jason Wu Event VI:  Diamond Society Eugenia Frost.  Another girl still NRFB.  What can I say?  Her presentation is perfect.
#8 - 2007 Jason Wu Event IV:  The Royal Weiss Agnes Von Weiss wearing Hopelessly Captivating.   This Agnes gets some of the most playtime at my house.  She looks good everything.
#7 - 2009 Jason Wu Event VI:  Luxe Life Vanessa.  Vanessa is one of my very favorite molds, and I was seriously surprised that only one made it into my top 12 - but what a doll to be included!  She is one of the most regal dolls Integrity has ever produced.   She is wearing Purple Factor.
#6 - 2009 Jason Wu Event VI:  Blue Blood Elise.  Someone in the W Club described their feelings about Elise in a perfect way.  He said, "Integrity made him change how he defined beauty in a doll with Blue Blood Elise."  I love this description.  Here she is wearing Femme du Monde.
#5 - 2009 Jason Wu Event VI:  Silver Zinger Agnes.  This doll's raised eyebrow is pure genius.  One of  the most unique faceups on any doll.   Five dolls from the Iconic Convention made it into my top 12.   I hope this year's convention will rival Jason Wu Event VI.  I will come home a very happy FR collector.
#4 - 2004 Jason Wu Event I:  Cosmetic Takeover Natalia Fatale.   This doll will always represent Natalia to me.  She is so sexy and sultry.  I have owned many Natalia dolls, but this is the only one who stays.  She is wearing Riveting Premiere.
#3 - 2011 Jason Wu Event VIII:  Bare Essentials Collection/Integrity Direct Day Dania Zarr.  I was very surprised that this mold took 25% of the spots in my top 12.   I am really hoping there will be a Dania Zarr at this year's convention.   Day is wearing one of the best Integrity Little Black Dresses - Flawless.
#2 - 2008 Jason Wu Event V: The Muse Adele.  This doll is another doll that tests a collector's view of beauty.  I think she is the best version of an African American doll ever produced for an Integrity Convention.   Here she is wearing Wrapped in Decadence.
#1 - 2008 Jason Wu Event VI:  Fine Jewel Eugenia.  I paid more for this doll than any doll I've ever bought.  She is perfection.  Wearing Lap of Luxury, I believe she represents everything that is Jason Wu - class, elegance, fashion, beauty.

I hope you liked my list.  I do have one more though.  Here is the "Best Jason Wu Event Doll That I Do Not Own":   High Drama Eugenia from 2007 Jason Wu Event IV. Photo property of Integrity Toys.


Mustiwait said...

They are all very Beautiful. your collection is amazing. Hope you have a blast at the convention.

divafan said...

A wonderful list, Robyne! I'm very excited, too, and can't wait to see you! It will be interesting to see how many of this year's dolls land on your list next year!

divafan said...

BTW, I forgot to mention -- Victoire looks fabulous with the feathers!

Georgia Girl said...

Beautiful dolls! I will be there also. Three weeks to go....yay!

Vanessa said...

That Natalia is amazing! She was my favorite on the list, but they are all wonderful. I'm excited you are going to your first Wu convention. I'm sure you will have a blast. I can't wait to see all of your wonderful purchases. Does this mean I won't see you at the doll show in November?

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Natalia is my favorite. Your collection is gorgeous. I envy your visit to the convention. Keep in touch