Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jason Wu Event IX - Part Deux

I can't believe that in two weeks I will be in Florida at the Integrity Convention.  While I was composing my blog last week, there were many dolls that I appreciate that did not make my list of top 12.   Since the convention is still very much on my mind, I thought I would share some of those other dolls.

So, I decided to include some of the other "best's" from previous conventions.

Behind the Drama Agnes represents the best evening presentation of a doll from a Jason Wu Event.  The gown and full length white fur coat are just extraordinary.  

This doll has always reminded me of Nicole Kidman for some reason.  
I believe the best casual doll from a convention was the Curiosity Monogram.  I think this dress is amazing.  I hate that the bigger bust girls cannot wear this dress.

Unfortunately this doll suffered from being released during the same convention as Optic Clash Dania (see last blog).  They are quite similar in face up.  She is one of the best Monograms released to date; however, the Dania is one of the best dolls ever produced.
I believe Smoldering was the best Monogram released at a convention.   I had wanted a true African American Monogram for years and was so excited to see this one!

The gown is gorgeous.  The doll was so classy!

It was very hard to choose the best NuFace from a convention.  I was stuck between Masterpiece Theatre Giselle and Making A Scene Erin.  I don't even really care for the Erin mold, but the entire presentation of this doll is awesome.  I've never redressed her!

She is the perfect punk girl!

Next week, I guess I'll have to figure out who my travel doll will be.   That'll be an interesting blog!


Vanessa said...

Such beauties! Wish I were going to convention. Have a lovely time.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: all these dolls are gorgeous. They are really beautiful. The clothes are luxurious .. Keep in touch

divafan said...

Wow, your Drama Agnes is so pretty! I never realized how beautiful her eyes are... And I completely agree about Curiosity -- love her, love her dress :) Smoldering is gorgeous. She is one I don't have, but I have always coveted her jewelry! I try to keep the Monogram collection small-ish. And that Erin is one I'm not overly familiar with -- I've only seen her in pictures, and even that isn't all that often. But I do love me some Masterpiece Theatre Giselle!