Saturday, September 22, 2012

Password Protect Your Computer

"I cannot believe out of ALL the clothing that came in that big box, the only thing the collector could find for us were these outfits!  Margaritas are definitely in order this afternoon!"  Chaundra is not happy and wants to soak her sorrow.
"Well at least your outfit looked nice!  The characters in The Help dressed better than this!  I just wanted to hide my face!"  Ndey added to the sentiment, covering her face for dramatic effect.
"You would think with all the Dynamite Girls and Poppy's around here, the Collector would get us some nice clothes that fit.  I just don't understand it."  Chaundra takes another long drink from her straw.
"You have to remember that there's not a lot available out there,"  Ndey adds.  "Dressmaker Details only makes clothes for the bigger girls.  Randall Craig has only started including clothing for NuFace girls recently in his line.  ... Need a refill?"
"I guess you're right, Ndey.  There have been very limited separates for Poppy and the only separates for Dynamite Girls have been sold at the conventions.  ... Is it beginning to get hot out here to you?"  Poppy's drinks are beginning to make her warm.  She opens her fan.  "My goodness, that sun is beating down out here."
"I wish there were some answer to this.  Everyone knows that what Mattel is producing for their Fashionistas just isn't wearable." Ndey isn't fond of alcohol. She nurses her drink.
"I know. Who would go out in public with all that sparkly mess?  We did get some nice jeans and a couple little black dresses though.  ... Hey, if you aren't going to drink that Margarita, pass it over here."  Chaundra's finishes Ndey's drink for her.  "These are just delicious!"
"For someone who doesn't like alcohol, you really make a great Margarita."  Chaundra turns up the pitcher to finish it off ...

"Waste not, want not!"  Chaundra is beginning to get some liquid courage ... "Come on Ndey!  Follow me.  I've got an idea."  Chaundra leads Ndey downstairs.  "Here help me up into this chair and I'll pull you up after I get there."
"Ouch!  you're on my head!"  Ndey screams.  "Be careful, would you?"
"This is the Collector's computer,"  Chaundra explains.  "We're going to order us some new clothes!"

"How do we do that?  Do you even know how to work this thing?"

"Of course!  You open  up this file called Bookmarks.  Then you select the different websites that have clothing for sale.  I've seen the Collector do it hundreds of times.  There's this one really good site called Clear Lan."

"Oh how beautiful!"  Ndey gasps when she sees all the beautiful pictures of clothing. "How do you get inside to get them?"

"You can't do that!  You have to order them,"  Chaundra explains between hiccups.  "You use this white thing called a mouse to choose what you want and just click it."

"Click it now!  Click it now!"  Ndey urges.  "I want this dress right here!" 

The girls shop for an hour!  They giggle and squeal!  "How do we pay for all of this?  We don't have the Collector's credit card number."

 "I'm not an amateur at all of this you know!  There's this thing you click called Paypal!  Voila!"

"And then the package arrives!

"Oh, no!  What have we done?  No more Margaritas for you!  Wait until the Collector sees this!"

"Just put on your new dress.  We'll throw the envelope away and go outside and rest.  She'll never know the difference."


"Oh, no!  It's the collector!  Run!"

"It's all Chaundra's fault.  She got drunk on Margaritas and used your Paypal account to buy new clothes on your computer.  I didn't know nothing about it!' 


smidge girl said...

LMAO! I'm changing my password right now!

The girls got some killer new dresses though. All's fair in love and fashion, I suppose. :)

divafan said...

OMG this is too funny! And I'd never thought of this....but I have a laptop, and I don't think my girls could open it.... but I could be mistaken.

queen said...

love this! hilarious!

Tracy India said...

ROTFL! Next time, threaten them with a body swap to an older Barbie with straight plastic arms and bend-click knees. That'll teach 'em. ;)

Lena said...

Chandra needs to stop drinking! She has no control at all. Love the dresses! I'm still waiting for my Clear Lan order to arrive!


Vanessa said...

Hilarious! I love the way they think! You may need to separate them and hide the booze.

Georgia Girl said...

Lol!! Loved it! I often wonder what goes on when I leave to go to work. Lol!

Mustiwait said...

omg This was sooooo cute Your dolls are some smart cookies! They look good in those dresses too!

Vita Plastica said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! Such great clothes and pretty reasonable too!

Roville said...

What dollies get up to behind our backs! LOL Too funny.

Heather said...

BAH HAHAHAHAHA, this is great... oooh, alcohol and paypal do NOT mix!! XD

Hopefully they didn't spend *too* much... and yeah, wth is up with Mattel's fashion packs... nothing new for months and months and months -_-

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: your girls have to stop drinking ... This entry very good ... what a laugh ... Keep in touch