Sunday, September 2, 2012

When Life Gets In the Way

I have tried to write a new entry every few days and never let two or more weeks come between me and my followers.  Whether anyone realizes it or not, those of you who visit, those of you who comment, make this hobby my "special place" to escape and get away from it all.

Unfortunately, sometimes you can run, but you can't hide.  School started back for teachers the end of July here.  With all of the changes and new expectations, I am spending 12+ hours away from home many days each week.  When I get here, it is straight to bed.  My father had five by-passes about 11 years ago.  He had a complete blockage in one and got a pacemaker put in last week.

Thank goodness for a three day weekend!   I had promised photos of the doll collection I purchased from e-bay a couple weeks ago.  Here is the group shot.  Excluding the shoes and jewelry, all of these clothing items were included in the double Barbie Trunk in the photo.
But, there were shoes included!  Anyone who purchases vintage Barbie shoes knows that one pair of regular shoes costs at least $10.   Those red spikes sell regularly for upwards of $50.
Some of the items needed minor cleaning or steaming.   This is a photo of my favorite ensembles from the trunk.  The blue pantsuit is one I've wanted to add to my collection for a very long time.  The TNT doll on the right was included in the purchase of the trunk full of clothes.
One of my new favorite television shows is "Picked Off".  It's a competition where teams of two individuals are given $100 and are challenged to find the most valuable items for their money.  I love this game.  Sometimes I play it with my husband when we go to Antique Stores/Flea Markets.   However, recently I made out like a bandit on E-bay.  I purchased a clothing lot for $100.  Here is a fashion show of what I got.

I didn't spend a lot of time styling my girls.  I just grabbed girls many of whom were nude and in the "considering to sell" pile.  I'm not sure about this dress.   I'm sure it could be styled better, but I'm going to have to work with it. Dress Code Vanessa says, "That's the last time I agree to be a bridesmaid."
Graphic Language Adele responds, "I thought this was what you meant when you said we had to earn our keep."  She is very hoochie mama!  Actually, I really like this crochet dress.
Exclusive Interview Dania actually looks quite nice in this knit suit.
Here it is without the jacket with the hat turned around.
There were two summer long dresses in the collection. First up is Current Pursuits Vanessa.  She seems to be tentative for modeling, "Why was I in the maybe to sell pile?"
And Criminally Chic Kyori wears the other.
I actually forgot how lovely this doll really is.  Maybe she will be moved to the "gonna stay" pile.
The seller included an outfit that wasn't originally pictured.  She had a cute little note explaining that the straps had been repaired, but she wanted to send it along.  A couple snips with the scissors and we have a strapless sundress.  Buena Sera Kyori looks lovely in this ensemble.  I sent a "thank you" e-mail to the seller.
An outfit that I thought I was going to really love I am having difficulty fitting on the girls.  Here is FNO wearing it.
This doll actually photographs much better than I expected.  I may have to take her off The Doll Page.

There were two straight sheaths in the box.  Fallen Angel Star Doll is wearing the other.  This one fit easier.

Another model borrowed from The Doll Page is Suited Luxury Adele.
These were the first nine outfits from the box.  Then the outfits started getting more serious.  First up, again borrowed from The Doll Page, is Hollywood Suited Lana.  I love this vintage dress.
There were two versions of this outfit.  I thought this would look great on Victoire.   She hadn't been redressed in a while.  (I opened up the front to show you the lining.  There is an orange net full slip underneath.)  What do you think?
Speaking of vintage.  My newest Brunette Bubblecut arrived nude and needed something to wear.
There was a second version of this dress.  A committee member dropped by to model.  Here is AFL Vanessa.
I love her in this.  I had to have a closeup.

I couldn't leave out Chaundra and Dee.  They got some cute casual outfits.  Unfortunately, most of the outfits were cut for larger busts, but the girls wanted to model too!
Chaundra's outfit was with a coordinating package of clothing.  There is a white blouse and hat.  There there is a full skirt and matching blouse in the same pattern as the slacks.  Here is Power Game Natalia wearing this outfit.  Somehow I had never realized how lovely this Natalia could be.  This outfit really suits her well.
I had tried the clothing with FR2, FR, DG, Victoire, and Vintage Barbie.  I wondered how a Silkie would pull it off.  Here is Silkstone Lingerie #6.
I thought that would be one of my less favorite outfits, but I was wrong.  Here is Going Public Eugenia in a different version of the same dress.
Runway Right Away Vanessa tried on an eyelet ensemble.
I saved some of my favorite ensembles for last.   Here is Evermore Veronique.  This outfit had a cute little pink hair piece but it just didn't work with the model's hair.
Iconic Lana stopped by from The Doll Page also.
The reason I purchased this box of clothing was that there was a Dressmaker Details ensemble included mint-in-box.  It was a dress that I had been wanting to purchase for a very long time, but it is always too expensive.  (A NRFB one is currently on e-bay with a BIN of $289.)   It is called "Jolie En Noir".

And who got to model this ensemble.
"Oh, PLEASE!  Did you have any doubt?  I am the ROYAL Weiss after all."  Agnes grabbed it up immediately.

So for I got 22 outfits in total.  Some came with shoes.  Many came with hats.  Several had petticoats.  These cost less that $5 each.
I was talking to my best doll friend about this purchase over the phone.  I am going to attend the Integrity Convention at the end of the month.  I told her that my original plan to give many of these outfits as table gifts.  She laughed so hard at me.  She knows my dolls are clothes horses.  What am I going to do now?


Mustiwait said...

Very Nice!!!!

Terri Gold said...

Wow! What a haul. There are some really nice items in there. Well done.

Vanessa said...

Hope your days get easier as time goes on. You did make out like a bandit. It was nice to partake in the vintage collection. There were some really nice pieces in your steal of a deal.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love your new dress. They're gorgeous. I love hats and moles. In my country the school starts on Monday 10 September. Students and teachers have vacation the entire month of July and August .... Keep in touch

Roville said...

Great score! Everything looks so nice. Congrats!