Tuesday, June 26, 2012


After Agnes's catnap, she returns to the meeting.

"I am feeling so much better."
"Weren't you wearing something different earlier?"  KiKi realizes that Agnes was not taking a nap to cure a headache; she was redressing in Femme du Monde's outfit after the committee voted to sell her.
"I did freshen up a bit, but I'm back and feeling fierce.  I'm ready to continue our task."
"Well, Agnes, while you were freshening, the committee took a vote.  We decided that each of us would also get one Executive Decision girl to stay.  And here is my choice, Flame Blue Vanessa.  She was also on the list of twenty-five dolls, so we didn't need to really deliberate anyway."
"I must say, I am completely shocked by all of this," Agnes remains composed.  "I'm away for a short time, and the committee takes action without me??  I am completely amazed by all of this AFL.  I can't believe anyone is more narcisstic than I, but you have impressed me ... not an easy feat!"
 "And my Executive Decision choice is a hybrid," Chaundra moves forward with number fourteen of the FR dolls to stay.
"A hybrid?  You mean one of those small alternative fuel cars made in Japan? I knew you were incapable of such an important role in this collection.  I wouldn't let my chauffeur have one in his garage!"
"No, a hybrid is a doll whose head has been put on an articulated body." Chaundra tries to explain.  "The head could be from any doll line.   For example, I am a hybrid Mattel Barbie Basic on a Dynamite Girl body.   In this case, my choice is a Star Doll called Fallen Angel who has been placed on a Fashion Royalty body.  And, it is fortunate this doll was also on the original list of twenty-five girls to stay.  Her name is Cho."
"Stop the blog! What is this outfit?  It is fabulous.  I've never seen this in the FR closet.  How have I missed it?"  Agnes is upset that something so fantastic has escaped her notice. 
"This outfit is called Brunch At The Ritz and is a 10" Tiny Kitty ensemble.  Here is Tiny Kitty wearing it."

"Well, it's obvious these girls have great clothing ... some of which can be used in our wardrobe.  However, being 10 inches tall means they probably need to go,"  Honey puts words to the committee's collective thought.  "It breaks my heart, but we need to make some choices.  Let's look at what is here and decide what can be used and what can be sold.  We'll start with my Executive Decision choice, Victoire Roux.  Once again, she was on the the list of twenty-five.  She is wearing Tiny Kitty ensemble Turquoise Treat."
"But not all of the Tiny Kitty outfits work well with taller girls.  A case in point is Golden Moment.  Since this is an evening gown, the length would be off on the taller girls."
"Other examples would be the summer cotton dresses that fall incorrectly on taller dolls. Like Prim and Proper."
"Or this flowery garden dress."

"And the lingerie wouldn't fit either.  Like what Tiny Kitty Basic Brunette is wearing."
"However, Sweet Sixteen is a cute little outfit."
"It's not too early to start thinking about fall school clothes!   Holly Golightly looks lovely in this sweater ensemble."
"And then we have Fashion Forward."
"Teresa looks fantstic in this."

"That leaves only one dressed doll .... Femme Fatale."

"Wait a minute!  Look at the fine detail in this dress," Agnes takes a closer look.  "The little black pearls ... the netting and tulle ..."

"What do you think?"

"I think this is beginning to get old very quickly.  That's what I am thinking!"  Chaundra voices a strong opinion.  "Agnes is having more costume changes than a Lady GaGa concert."

The committee was adjourned for the day, so the girls could rest up and tackle this problem again tomorrow.

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Vanessa said...

Agnes is just so funny. I don't blame her though. Those outfits are fantastic and I would be doing the same thing.

Aisha said...

I just discovered your blog while browsing online - I love your story lines ! Ive got you bookmarked :)

Cant wait to see what happens next

Roville said...

Agnes is very sneaky – can’t help but love her. Also loved seeing Miss Kitty’s clothes on the girls.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: A very interesting entry. All clothing is wonderful. Keep in touch

Ms. Leo said...

Wow! I understand keeping the Miss Kitty’s clothes. They are wonderful! This was a funny post!