Friday, June 22, 2012

The Committee Meets

The committee finally got together to discuss the first set of dolls to be considered for selling or staying.

"I have a question before we begin deliberation," Chaundra seems a little concerned. 

"You weren't even on the committee originally and somehow you've managed to get the center seat; not to mention that it is a better chair.  What's that all about?"

"Well, I see it's time to call the meeting to order.   I will ignore any comments made prior to beginning of the official meeting.  ... So, Vanessa, what are we going to do today?"

"We are going to discuss the Fashion Royalty doll line today.  Let's focus on the dolls that are currently released from their boxes and are living free as models.  I think we should just look at those dolls on the larger bust bodies."

"There are sixty-four dolls that are currently living here.  That is a ridiculous number of girls with breast jobs!   I know the adults living here have worked very hard to choose their favorite twenty-five dolls to separate as keepers."

Honey has an idea ..."I believe we should consider those girls who have received the most photo time in the blogs.  They should definitely remain here.  Who were the top girls on the blog?  Were any of them in the twenty-five favorites?"

"I think that's a great idea.  I'll go get the seven dolls who appeared on both lists."  Kiki brings in the top seven dolls.

In addition to the two committee members (The Royal Weiss Agnes and AFL Raven Vanessa), it appears that the next seven dolls to become permanent residents are Midnight Lace Mini Gene (2009), Bodacious Adele (2005), Blue Blood Elise (2009), Regal Estate Agnes (2010), Regal Solstice (2011), Cosmetic Takeover Natalia (2004), and Breaking the Mold Veronique (2011). 

"I think this is a great start."  Chaundra is pleased with the progress.  "Now, I think we should consider the girls who are similar to these seven.  Let's start with Midnight Lace.  Red Desire Mini Gene (2009) is also here, and she, too, was in the group of twenty-five favorites.  We should add her to the staying list."

"Okay, I don't think there will be any argument with this.  The girls look different enough.   They have been given names here ... they are the Wardworth sisters, Susan and Rita."  Vanessa agrees with the decision to keep Red Desire as doll #10. 

"So, now let's look at the other girl who lives here and shares the Natalia scuplt.  Here is Femme du Monde."

"Well, it's obvious FDM is too much like Cosmetic Takeover.  She was not one of the twenty-five chosen by the adults living here.  I think it's time for her to leave the island.  But ... maybe she should leave this nice fur ...."

"Now, I want to make an Executive Decision.  If Barack Obama can, so can I.  I call out Firefly Agnes (2008).  She must stay because she is getting her island ready for the Integrity Convention this September.  And she is also in the twenty-five favorites."

"What?  We are now doing executive decision?  That hardly seems fair or right.  This is getting too confusing."  Kiki gets frustrated. 

"We need to stay with the plan!  Focus on those dolls with same molds from the seven earlier dolls!  There is another Anja here, Carol Roth (2011).  She was not in the twenty-five dolls, but remains a favorite of the collector who lives here.  She was also one of the dolls that appeared in the most blogs.  Even though she is not one of the twenty-five, I think she needs to stay."

"Henri and I really believe that dolls who show up in story lines and get the most redress opportunites should stay.  Even if she wasn't in the top twenty-five, she shouldn't leave just yet."

"What are you doing?  You are adding dolls to the list of those staying?  You're over-riding the list of twenty-five now.  I'm trying to keep you girls under control.  Which is an obvious task ... after all, look at how Honey is dressed to be here!  It looks like you just came from the dog park!   I throw up my hands!"

"To get back on track, let's look at Flawless Elise (2011).  She is the only other Elise living here and doesn't look a thing like Blue Blood."

"First the body is completely different.  The clothes don't fit correctly.  You have to pin the clothing in the back.  This is a 'fashion wrong' on so many levels."

"And look at these ridiculous feet.  Sure the FR2 dolls come with nice shoes, but they can't wear hardly anything else."

"This doll simply has got to go!"
"I can't believe we have spent an entire blog and have only elminated two dolls.  We have put twelve on the staying list though!  One of which we added, bringing the number to twenty-six!   I have a headache and need to go lay down before we continue."


Fashion Doll Foto said...

Your blog today made me LOL! I love the Committee! Hilarious...good luck narrowing the rest. :)

Vanessa said...

Good decisions so far. At least they didn't do what I would do. Keep them all! Glad Carol Ruth is staying. That was a lot of FR dolls standing there. Oh my!

Dollz4Moi said...

This is funny. Agnes is making executive decisions now..LOL. Two down not sure how many more they'll get to. Love the banner now has +Agnes.

I didn't keep Femme du Monde either. Loved her outfit but she left the island some time ago around here

Georgia Girl said...

Lol! Loved it! Interestingly, Femme Du Monde is one of my favs...but I don't have Cosmetic Takeover either (lol). It would be so hard to get rid of them and my executive decision would be to keep them all. Lol! Happy Saturday!

divafan said... I to understand that from 64 dolls, you want to whittle down to 25 (26)? Looking at that group shot, there were some dolls in there that I could never part with....but I guess that's why I'm in the predicament I'm in, huh? Just today, I had 4 girls set aside to sell, one of which was in a gown with a full skirt. I just slapped her in a pencil skirt and put her back on the shelf. Hey, she takes up less room, now, at least....

pattidolls said...

Lol! But they're like your kids, how could you even choose who to let go? What camera do you use? Your pix are so sharp.

Liz said...

This made me laugh so much, I love it, Im always having dilemmas of letting things go and then adding more to it that wasnt even part of the plan XD. I love your committee!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Vanessa is really pretty. I love the doll and the clothes she wears. I also love the red dress Chandra. I think the Committee does a good job because they decided who remain in your collection. Now how difficult is to take more dolls. It's hard work ... I love this idea you created ... Keep in touch