Thursday, June 28, 2012

Winds of Change

The girls woke up ready to resume their task.  They decided to wear more casual attire and be more comfortable.
Unfortunately, the girls picked up exactly where they left off.  They started arguing about which dolls to consider and review.
"Girls, let's all be seated.  It's time to get this task completed."  Chaundra decides it is time to get things under control; she takes the center chair (previously occupied by Agnes).  "We have a great deal to do, so the sooner we begin, the sooner we are finished."
"Excuse me, but I'm not sure what is going on here.  Aren't you in the wrong chair?"  Agnes tries to exercise her assumed authority.
"If you don't remove yourself from my seat, I will squash you like the little bug you are."

"Well, Agnes, seeing as you know so much about insects, have you ever been stung by a hornet or bitten by a red ant?  If you don't take another place at the table, you will."  Chaundra faces the challenge fearlessly.

"Well, maybe I'll just sit over here with this cute little dog."
Henri growls and snaps.
"I can't believe it!  That mutt just tried to bite me!"
"He's obviously a good judge of character." Chaundra officially begins the meeting.  "So, girls, let's start by finishing any old business first.  Everyone on the committee got their Executive Decision choice at the last meeting except KiKi.  Kiki, which doll did you decide to save?" 
"Well, I gave it plenty of thought and believe that there is another hybrid doll who has been a character in story lines here.  Her name is Nayla.  She is a Mattel Nichelle on a FR body."
"Where did this outfit come from?  These girls keep showing up in fabulous clothing I don't recognize," Agnes's attention is caught again by the couture. 
"Now, this was exactly the problem yesterday.  The outfit is Vintage Barbie.  We are not going to get sidetracked today.  We are not going to review Vintage Barbie.  We are not going through the Vintage Barbie closet.  We are not getting off task again.!  Is that understood by everyone?"  Chaundra proves she has what it takes to run the committee meeting effectively.
"Yes, Madam Chairman," KiKi responds with respect.  "There is, however, a slight problem.  Nayla was not on the list of the twenty-five dolls the collector developed."
"That's quite alright.  I have clarified some information that I need to share with the committee.  On one hand, we have the twenty-five dolls identified by the collector.  That list is only for guidance.  Additionally, it has been noted that the collector accidentally put the Mini Gene dolls on this list and they do not have the standard FR body.  As a committee, we put them in the cabinet to stay also."
"On the other hand, there are sixty-four dolls that we are considering.  It doesn't mean that twenty-five must stay and thirty-nine must go.  These are guidelines.   We were formed as a committee because our opinions are respected.  We represent a cross-section of the dolls here.  We will do what is best for the collection.  At this time, I would like to introduce new business.  I want the committee to consider the confusion surrounding the Isha/Luchia mold.  I turn this over the AFL who has seniority as far as production is considered."
"This is a very confusing topic," Vanessa starts the history of Isha/Luchia.  "Maybe we can clear everything up and make some important decisions.  Isha came first.  She was a 'Bollywood' doll.   She is very ethnic and has a strong fan base.  Unfortunately, there is only one of the original Isha dolls in residence here.  She is Age of Opulence Isha."
"Then, Integrity decided to produce this mold in a caucasian skintone.  They decided to name this doll, Luchia.  We have the first two original girls here.  This is Dress Me, which is a very ironic name since she has never been redressed.  The collector loves the original stock and has left her exactly as she was presented."
"We also have Intimately Acquainted, who is NRFB."
"As a side note, don't you think she looks like Helena Bonham Carter and Dita Von Teese got together and gave birth to a doll?"
"Well, back to topic.  Isha disappeared from production for a little while but came back in last year as Scene Stealer Isha.  As you can see she is a more modern interpretation of Indian women.  She is beautiful and sensuous, but somehow, she lost much of her ethnicity."
"Then Luchia was introduced with a 'refreshed' mold that was the same one used on the FNO FR2 doll."
"Who reminds me of Hillary Swank."
"Well, it's obvious that we are not going to keep the FR2 doll," Agnes decides that she has been silenced long enough.  "But, of course, the incredible couture of Jason Wu will stay.  Apparently, the original Isha must stay, so Scene Stealer can go.  Since the collector likes Dress Me so much, she will stay as the only Luchia.  Intimately Acquainted can be sold NRFB. .... Next ...."
"Surprisingly ... I believe your choices accurately reflect those of the full committee.   Hearing, no objections ... I guess we can move on to the next order of business.  Since each committee member got an Executive Decision of one doll to stay, it is only fitting that each committee member choose one doll to leave.  And I strongly suggest that if you have already selected a doll from your mold to remain in the collection, that you select a doll from your mold to go."
"This truly breaks my heart.  I hate that I am responsible for a doll leaving."  KiKi becomes quite emotional.
"I will start with an easy choice ... there are many of this mold living here.   Although this is a very lovely doll, there are better examples of her here.  My choice is Tricks of the Trade Eugenia." 
 "I wish I could refuse to do this.   But, if I must," Honey crosses her arms in defiance.
"We have two Go West Natalia dolls here.  One has had her hair redone and does not have her eyelashes.  I think she would be a good choice to go."
"Which would mean that the original version will remain in the collection.  Even though she wasn't on the list of twenty-five dolls to stay."

"That was a very clever move," Agnes admires Honey's strategy.  "I may have underestimated you.   I can't disagree since I don't believe there is enough evil in this collection.  A good villainess is always an asset.  However, I refuse to choose an Agnes to leave.  Read my contract ... it expressly states that no harm will come to any Agnes ..."
"You don't have a contract.  You weren't even on the original committee.  What are you talking about?"  Chaundra calls Agnes's bluff.  "If you won't do it, then I will.  I call out Head for Glamour Agnes.  She reminds me of Dressing the Part anyway."
"Well, then I guess I will choose the oldest FR doll in residence."  Agnes is relieved she didn't have to put one of her own mold on the chopping block herself.  "This doll may be the only example of her mold here, but it's time for her to find a new home.  My pick is Luxury Suited Adele."
"I guess that leaves me with the last choice and a difficult decision," Vanessa is visibly upset.  "If I must choose one, I will have to go with Shock Bon Bon."
"Now we've done it.  We chose a doll from the twenty-five to leave!  I'm not sure how the collector will respond to this.  I thought I finally had this committee under control!  What am I going to do?  ... Meeting adjourned!"


Vanessa said...

Goodness! At least they are making some good progress now, even though the collector still gets sidetracked with "look-a-likes". LOL! Some good decisions were made today. Go Chaundra! Be assertive! Agnes is still quite hilarious. Looking forward to the next committee meeting.

Fashion Doll Foto said...

I love your Committee! :)

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I see that the committee was made some decisions. However, the committee would expect a lot of work ... The doll is wearing a leopard-print is one of my favorites. The clothes are all is beautiful and very elegant. I love the white shirt of Chandra. I understand it is very difficult to take Chandra another dolls. Keep in touch

divafan said...

I and the girls in my residence (with the exception of OV Agnes, who found the matter quite amusing) are all stricken with the decision to banish Shock Bon Bon. Marina (my SBB #1) has even informed me that if the opportunity ever arises, she will refuse to visit your home in GA. But I have assured her that the decision to banish her sister was made in haste after a commotion caused by an Agnes. She understands trouble being caused by an Agnes and has decided to be forgiving, but hopes the decision will be reconsidered.