Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Oh no! Here We Go Again - Numbers 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23 of Collection Cycle 2023

After the great deluge of dolls that arrived in January, I was really not looking forward to the arrival of my order from the Jamieshow/Owensu Go East collection.  When I first saw this collection advertised, I thought it would be too costumey for my personal tastes.  Here is the promo photo.

It's actually a very modern take on Eastern couture!  There were six female versions this time around.  Three were newly released 12" molds (Sakura, Lan, and Natalie) which were included with three new versions of Lilly, Bella, and Sasha.  

Here is a full length photo to see how they came dressed (but wearing different wig caps).

I had made up my mind that I was going to try and get at least one version of each Muses character, so that made the purchase of the new girls an easy choice.  I did not have a previous version of Bella, so she went in the cart also.  Enchanted Lilly is one of my very favorite Muses, and I didn't think Go East Lilly was at the same level, so that was a pass.  For some reason, Go East Sasha just kept calling to me.  Her screening is not traditionally something that I would like, and I already had three other versions of her.  In the final days befor pre-order cutoff, I broke down and added her.  That meant, five new Muses from Go East was joining my crew!  I needed to start saving money!  

Surprisingly, Go East Sasha is my favorite from this collection.  There is something sexy but innocent about this doll.  Here she is in her production ensemble.  Number 19 of 2023 is Jamieshow Go East Sasha.

I am glad I waited for this version of Bella.  She is quite striking.  NOTE:  Bella's and Lan's production ensembles "stain" their bodies.  I put quotation marks here because the color doesn't actually absorb into the resin.  If you use the little magic sponges that come with the dolls, you can carefully "sand" away the color.  But you have to be careful not to "sand" away the body blushing.  Jamieshow stepped up and offered replacement bodies to any collector that requested them.  Great customer service, don't you agree?

Number 20 of 2023 is Jamieshow Go East Bella.  She is wearing an early IT Fashion Royalty ensemble, 2004's Shanghai in Bloom.

Although it has been a struggle to bond with Lan's eyebrows, she is a very striking doll.  She is wearing a Hoang Anh Khoi ensemble with Mattel's Spring in Tokyo's hat.  Number 21 of 2023 is Jamieshow Go East Lan.

Natalie was not only a new sculpt, she was a new skin tone for the Jamieshow Muses ladies.  She is wearing a wig cap from the Go East collection and is modeling an oriental fan.  Number 22 is Jamieshow Go East Natalie.

The final doll I added from this collection is Sakura.  I haven't been able to spend enough quality time with this striking sculpt.  Here is a photo in a custom wig and her original ensemble.  Number 23 belongs to Jamieshow Muses Go East Sakura.  I apologize but I didn't even get a chance to redress her before packing her away.   

I felt deja vu back to January with five dolls arriving at one time.  Fortunately, when you preorder these dolls you put down a deposit of about 25% and are billed the remainder when they are ready for shipping.  It gives collectors time to save money and sell other dolls to make room for them.  Jamieshow/Owensu Muses are just incredible to own; however, the quality is reflected in the price.  Each Jamieshow Muses doll retailed for $475.  Ouch!  But when you see Sasha so stunningly re-dressed in a silkstone ensemble and a different wig cap how can you deny them?

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