Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Well, Hello Mattel Part Deux

I had a follower who was concerned about how the new Mattel ensembles looked from behind.  That follower is correct that many of the recent ensembles are printed on the front only and look horrible from behind.

It seems Mattel realized this problem and tried to correct it with the newer lines.  Here are my models from behind (the red Hello Kitty dress isn't pictured because I couldn't get them all in one frame; however, that dress is printed on the back as well).

This is just a "down and dirty" photo.  The pink skirt is the only one where the fabric on the back is a little different, but the colors are so close, it's not that noticeable.   I don't usually photograph my dolls from behind, but side shots can also be disrupted when there is an obvious difference in the print.

I hope this helps!

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