Saturday, September 3, 2016

"Eye Just Don't Get IT" - A Review of Emerging Rebel Kyori Sato

I try to be very careful about making decisions on a product change.  The new eye decal  process by Integrity Toys (IT) has been very controversial, but I waited until I had personal experience to make a judgement.

When the Fashion Royalty mainline collection was announced last month (the first mainline launch in over 12 months), I wasn't excited about what was presented; I wonder if the delayed reveal caused my apathy.  I only pre-ordered three dolls.

One doll I was most interested in owning was Emerging Rebel Kyori Sato.  I have purchased every version of Kyori Sato since the mold makeover, and I have sold almost all of them.  It has been very difficult for me to bond with mold 2.0, so I decided to give Emerging Rebel a try (the hair color was refreshing and I loved the ensemble).

Emerging Rebel arrived last week and I took my time trying to bond with her.  I am very particular about my dolls' faceups.  I have sent several dolls off to a friend for professional tweaking, but have learned to do minor enhancements myself.  I wear jeweler's glasses which makes the work easier.

Here is my experience with Emerging Rebel and the new eye decal process.

The doll's hair was partially inside the hairnet and partially out - which is a sloppy way to present a $140 collectible doll.   Since the hair was tied by thread to the liner, I had to remove the tape and thread to just get the hair put in place.   

When I put on my jeweler's glasses, I immediately realized the eyelash on the right eye was applied below the lid line.  Normally, you can take a needle and coax the eyelash up enough to compensate for this.  

ACK!   When I tried this, it actually tore a small hole in the decal.  The decal on my doll's eye was not flat or sealed.  It was rubbery and almost like thin chewing gum.   WTF!  

The eye decals were not set evenly - the right eye had a small amount of white on the inside of the eye (close to the nose), whereas the left iris was all the way to the outside edge.  There have been times, when you can use that trusty needle and carefully scratch a little of the paint off to expose white.  When I tried this, it exposed the brown decal instead of white!

I wound up repainting the white on the right eye and painting black liner on the bottoms of both eyes to correct my mess.  I used a matte sealer on the paint which actually helped the decal area considerably.  

So, my photos are not 100% factory original.  They have been tweaked by me in response to my dealing with these crazy decals - which I now believe to be from the devil himself.

Here is a full length photo in the box:
And here is a closeup:
The accessories throw off the dress because nothing really matches.  I like the jewelry quite a bit though.
Here is Emerging Rebel outside the box, standing on her own.
Another closeup.
I don't think the dress works well with Emerging Rebel's coloring.  I decided to try it on Elusive Creature Natalia. I think I like it better on Natalia.
So what should Emerging Rebel wear?  How about a Dynamite Girl dress?  I love this one on her.  It softens her somewhat.
In summary:

After my horrifying experience, I do NOT like the eye decals!  Fortunately, I was able to correct my mistakes.  

I like the eyes now and love the hair color.  The faceup and smaller eyes make her look more Asian.  She is an attractive doll and brings a new element to my collection.  I do not have another doll that looks similar.

I can't say I will never buy another doll with eye decals, but I will definitely leave the eyes alone if I do.   The eye decals are not a "deal breaker"; however, they limit how much tweaking you can do on your own.  Eye just don't get IT on this "improvement'.


Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe the whole eye decal debacle. That is scary. Especially for $140 doll. I agree with you that the coloring looks much better on the second doll. Kyori is quite beautiful. Hopefully, this will be one that you can bond with.

olla123 said...

Kyori to piękna lalka, ale zdziwił mnie fakt, że naklejenie oczu nie jest dokładne! W drugiej stylizacji dziewczyna wygląda naprawdę wspaniale!
Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

Phyllis said...

Kyori is also the only doll I purchased from this last roll out of dolls from IT. Since I am going to the Convention in Chicago in October, I figured I should hold off on doll buying and blow my budget there!

We have been really busy getting my daughter off to college and settled in her apartment that I haven't had a lot of time for dolly stuff lately. I will take some pictures of my dolls to post later this week. I did not notice much about the eyes although I had read about them using decals. I thought I read that this was just a trial and they were looking for feedback. I have seen a couple of reviews on them where the reviewer's opinion was that they were just "meh".

Psylocke said...

Thank you for your honest review. This Kyori has been my favorite, but I skipped all decal eyed dolls and I will stick to my decision for future purchases too.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your candid review of the decal eyes. You weren't immediately against the decals, like some have been, but shared your actual experience. I can't fault IT for trying a technique that is supposed to improve the quality and consistency of the eye painting. But when one of the very first dolls using this technique has misplaced eyes, it is hard to believe that was the real reason for making the change. It seems no more likely to ensure proper eye placement than the former process did. If the eyes are not sealed it doesn't seem like they will hold up over time either, which could be another problem. It gives me another reason to stick with Poppy and avoid other lines, which my wallet likes! Love your blog - Laura

Teddy Charles said...

Thank you for your great review . I'm like you i like to tweak my dolls , sometimes change their eyes color or make up and i will not be able to do it with Decal eyes :(
And i must say that looking at Kyori's pictures , a lot of them seams to be different due to the decals not at the same places . So definitly a doll i can't buy .
I'm impatient to see Dasha hope her eyes are better .

Jaye said...

Congratulations on your new doll. She's pretty. It's good you could correct the eye.

AiS Toys Museum said...

hated decal eyes too and kinda nervous to see my luchia irl