Sunday, July 24, 2016

That's What I'm Talkin' Bout - A Review of Be Daring Imogen

There has been a lot of collector buzz about the W Club Upgrade Dolls.   They started arriving the last couple weeks and the reviews have been somewhat mixed.

The only upgrade I purchased this go around was Be Daring Imogen.  I have owned every version of this mold and have sold all of them except one - Fame by Frame Imogen is my favorite doll from the Tropicalia Convention.
Be Daring Imogen is the first time Integrity Toys (IT) has used the Hungarian Skin Tone on a NuFace doll.  It is one of my favorite skin tones.  It has appeared on Dynamite Girls, Poppy Parker, and the Color Infusion lines.

Here is full length "in-box" photo:
And a closeup:
Some collectors seem to have gotten dolls with the eyeshadow way up in her eyebrows - I don't think mine is bad.  I believe her eye screening is excellent!

My husband and I have been planning our retirement and move that we anticipate to happen in 2021.  Most of my doll collection will have to be sold prior to that time, so I have to be extremely picky before adding a new doll to my collection.  When I developed the photos from the "in-box" session, it was obvious this one was sticking around for a while!

Here is a photo of the accessories:
The accessories have a very "matchie-matchie" theme.  There are skull earrings, a skull bracelet, and a skull ring that all match the skull on the belt.  Separately, I think these will be used frequently.  I really like the boots and it's easy for her to stand in them without assistance.  Extra hands are always appreciated (especially in a rare skin tone) and I love the portfolio and cards!  I think these are best sunglasses produced in 1:6 scale so far.  Love the double bridge.

Let's see how she looks all dressed up!
I thought placing her card at her cleavage was cute!  
The pink pantsuit is very different and not like anything I have in my collection. I'm not a big fan of the razor haircuts (Fame by Frame has one also), but her hair isn't too bad.

Be Daring Imogen arrives for the audition and the client immediately makes a connection with the skull jewelry.  What lingerie should she wear … what would you expect?
She is hired immediately!  Here is her first photo shoot out of stock clothing.  (For me, the way a doll redresses is always the deciding the factor.)
Be Daring Imogen is definitely a keeper.  I am loving this doll!  Way to go Integrity Toys!  After such a dolly drought, it's exciting to receive a doll this nice.


april_n_paris said...

Totally in agreement with you! For me this doll looks exactly like the models on today's catwalks. I love everything about her from her skin tone to her "messy" hair. It's nice to see how IT stays in line with current fashion trends!

Anonymous said...

How I missed you!
I hope you keep her; She's so much better than the 'upgrade' Vanessa...And I just realized her weird dark eyesahdow is applied in order to emulate a skull!
I bought 'think pink' Imogen instead of 'fame by frame' because I wanted a paler skin, then I customized her make up and now she looks incredibly beautiful. Now I'm tempted again. Should I dare...?

Christie H.

Georgia Girl said...

Robin, I am glad that you posted here. I was not aware that the upgrade dolls were in. I preordered her, but never received a notice that she was ready for the final payment. I emailed Club prior to posting her. Thanks so much for posting!!

Steinworks said...

I like her but I would like to see more before I make a decision

Marisa :)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Great purchase! I like her face mold, although I personally like Fame by Frame better.

olla123 said...

Perfekcyjna i bardzo piękna dziewczyna!
Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

AiS Toys Museum said...
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Roville said...

Your review makes her soooooooooo tempting.

AiS Toys Museum said...

The skull underwear is fabulous. have her too...

nice blog, followed your blog, do visit and follow mine too if u have some time...greeting from Malaysia :D