Thursday, May 28, 2015

Picking and Choosing

Having placed a pre-order from the recent Integrity Reveal, it's time to look over my collection for volunteers to give up their places on the shelves.   I've been trying to make sure one doll leaves for every doll that comes in.  It is my goal that I try to keep at least one of each mold (which isn't a problem with my favorites: Agnes, Eugenia, Adele 2.0, and Vanessa 1.0).

Since most new dolls are being released on the FR2 body, I am finding it more difficult to let go some of older versions.  A friend recently asked what some of my reasons might be for being so stubborn about switching over completely to the FR2 body; I told her I had several good reasons but two of those reasons were Randall Craig and Steven Fraser (Dressmaker Details).  The clothes I have purchased from these two gifted designers just don't fit the FR2 body correctly.

As an example, here is Main Event Adele from the 2012 IT Tropicalia Convention.  She is the only Adele 3.0 that I like well enough to keep in my collection.  She is wearing Randall Craig's "Summertime".  It was an edition of 100.
And here is another example, Breaking the Mold Veronique.  Again, the only Veronique 2.0 to reside here.  She is wearing a sundress from Dressmaker Details "Sherbet Sunset".
As you can see, these dresses were definitely made for the more "full bust" girls.  There are several ensembles by these gifted designers in my girls' closets and I couldn't bear not being able to display them.


Anonymous said...

Oh! that means you sold your Full Spectrum Veronique? I loved your pictures of her.

Steinworks said...

They are both stunning, I don't blame you...I would keep them too