Monday, May 25, 2015

Checking Off From The Wishlist

In November 2013, I responded to a TAG game for "Wish List" of 10 most sought after clothing pieces.  It's been 18 months and I have been able to acquire 4 of those pieces.   One arrived this past weekend.

Lucky for me I found all the clothing pieces for Tatyana J'Adore for sale at a great price.  I had the gown on my wish list, so I was excited to find the gown, coat, and short dress sold as one lot.   It was fun selecting models for the different pieces.   Soul Deep Adele seemed like a good choice to modernize the beaded sheath with the fur trim.
Here's a close up.  I think her make up palette looks lovely with the colors in the dress, don't you agree?
I needed an elegant doll with an edgy look for the gown.  I decided it would look good on Blue Blood Elise Jolie.
I am very pleased with the result.
When it came time to model the coat, there was only one choice.  "Darling, you know that was purchased with me specifically in mind," cooed The Royal Weiss.
She knew this was hers.
The luxe feel of these clothes reminded me of what IT gift sets used to be all about.  I miss them and would like to see the richness returned.


Ladonna Russell said...

NICE....! :-)

Storm said...

I agree! I have bought recently outfits from 2005-6 and was surprised to see how much the quality of the outfits changed for the worse, sadly :(

Andrea said...

Hi there, What necklace is Blue Blood Elyse wearing? <3