Monday, May 18, 2015

Integrity Toys Spring Reveal 2015

There are a lot of bloggers who provide almost exact copies of the press releases from Integrity Toys.  I am going to do provide more a personal review.  All images of property of Integrity Toys.

First up is a new Integrity Line licensed through Archie Comics.  It is Katy Keene.  If anyone knows much about this character, they quickly realize Katy Perry gets a lot of inspiration from her.  I created a collage of the different dolls.  (You can click on the photo to get a closer look.)

My opinions:  Lucki Red Lorelei reminds me of Out Sass Vanessa from a couple years ago.  I am very impressed with the design detail in the vest/coat (yes, it's one piece).   Lorelei uses the Jem sculpt.    I really like Gloria Grandbuilt's ensemble (there is a fur wrap that goes with it).   I may try to pick this outfit up on secondary markup.  Gloria uses the Tilda Brisby/Roxy sculpt.  I have the original Color Infusion release of Tilda which I much prefer to Gloria.  Katy uses the Rapture/Darby Kenner sculpt.  I care for neither gown.  Shimmering Dynasty is an obvious nod to Alexis Colby/Joan Collins from the series with the same name.

Just as the Katy Keene line is borrowing sculpts from Color Infusion/Jem, it is also using the same body style.  I have avoided adding this body type to my collection and feel I can't "go there" with my collecting.  If I were a Color Infusion collector, I would be all over this!

Next up is the FR 16 line.  If I were a serious collector of 16" plastic dolls, I could've been in trouble.

My opinions:  I was really impressed with Anais in this skin tone.  She reminds me a great deal of Hot Property Natalia Fatale which is a very good thing!  Elsa Lin was so popular last year as Hot Blooded that they almost duplicated her looks this year.  Since I was fortunate enough to get Hot Blooded, I am not interested in the versions this year.   Hannae Erickson as Shades of Grey reminds me too much of the Silkstone Elizabeth Taylor for a couple years ago.  Had the extra money and felt frivolous, I would've grabbed up Exuberance.  She is being referred to as the IT Sybarite.

And now to the line that got me all giddy!  Last year, I didn't collect a single Poppy Parker.  I didn't care for the spy theme.  I've had a very love/hate relationship with her.  I love the way she poses.  I hate that she is so popular.  I love her cute little face.  I hate the secondary markup prices.  I love the clothing and how it fits.  I hate the competition for acquiring her.  Being a child of the 60's, this theme, "The Model Scene", was so welcome.

First we have:
Item #PP080
Go See!
Limited Edition of 750 Dolls
Estimated Delivery First Week of June
Price: $120
Although I think this is a very cute doll, I am not a fan of the painted AND applied eyelashes.  The outfit is adorable though a little reminiscent of Wave II Dynamite Girl Jett.  She will probably redress great, but she was a pass for me.

Next up was:
Item #PP082
Spring Song
Limited Edition of 800 Dolls
Delivery Date Mid-June 2015
Price: $120
Spring Song is supposed to an imaginary ad campaign for a 1960's shampoo.  I thought that was very clever.  The beautiful patterned chiffon covers a blue skirt, so the dress is not see though.  This doll reminds me of Misaki Best in Brocade which is a doll I've tried to acquire over the years.  Love her!  She's coming to live here.

Then there is:
Item #PP083
The Camera Loves Her
Limited Edition of 800 Dolls
Price: $120
This doll has the Hungarian skin tone like Hot Dots.  Although I watched quite a bit of "I Dream of Jeannie" as a young girl and often portrayed the character in neighborhood re-enactments, there's just too much going on for me!  I love the ensemble.  She's the one for which I need to see "In Real Life"/IRL photos before committing money to purchase.

Then there's:
Item #PP087
Peace, Love and Soul
Darla Daley
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls
Delivery Date Early July 2015
Price: $120
It was nice to see the return of Darla Daley; Bus Stop is a personal favorite.  This one makes me think of Lt. Uhura from Star Trek with a touch of Soul Deep Adele thrown in.  There wasn't anything special enough to make me add her to my cart.

And a new homme character
Item #PP088
Hot Shot Nigel North
Limited Edition of 600 Dolls
Delivery Early August 2015
Price: $120
There's been a lot of speculation that this was the workshop sculpt from the Gloss Convention.  I thought I understood Alain to it was a new sculpt, but there was so information given out I could be confused.   This character is supposed to be a photographer (i.e. Nigel Barker).  I don't collect hommes, so he was an easy pass.  Love the ensemble though!

And then the doll of the convention!  (At least for me!)
Item #PP081
The Midas Touch
Limited Edition of 600 Dolls
Delivery first week of July
Price: $120
That's right, dear readers, we got us a black Poppy Parker FINALLY!  I couldn't be happier.  She was my "must have" of the entire reveal.  There have been tremors that she is too much like 2013's Irresistible in India, but I can't get enough racial variations of a doll.  LOVE … LOVE …. LOVE!

Here Comes The Bride
Item #PP085
Wedding Belle Poppy Parker
Edition Size of 900
Delivery Date Early August 2015
Price $120
This doll also has the Hungarian skin tone.  According to designers this is part of an ad campaign shot by Nigel North.  I really do like the entire concept and wonder what it would like dyed another color.   Unfortunately, I was on a budget so she was not in my preorder

The final doll available for purchase
Item # PP086
Out of This World Poppy Parker
Limited Edition of 900 Dolls
Delivery Mid July 2015
Price: $120

I was very tempted by this doll.  She is just too cool for words.  Unfortunately, I relaxed my I Love How You Love Me Poppy's hair and she reminds me of this doll.  I will wait and see how much restraint I will have when she is released!

The final doll shown was a gift set that will be an Integrity Toys Exclusive (you can't order this one from a dealer).
Item # PP084
Hippie Dippy Poppy Parker
Limited Edition of 700 Dolls
Delivery Late July 2015
Price: $130

Love this doll and it's a great price for a gift set.  (One doll with multiple looks.)  I really like that Poppy Parker and my Misaki girls are able to share clothes.  This one was no-brainer.

Nine dolls in the Poppy Parker line this year.  WOW!   There was something for everyone.  A truly remarkable collection.  Kudos to the design team on this one!


Troy said...

I passed on the Katy line, though I reserve the right to change my mind later. :-) The CI dolls I have are the '70s styles, and I'm not sure about mixing in Katy et al. Like other collectors have said, if she had been done with Victoire, that would have been it for me.

The only doll from the 16" line I ordered was Exuberance. As soon as I saw her, she was on the list because she does remind me of Sybarites -- except in higher quantities that actually allow me to buy her, and at a lower cost. We'll have to see whether she lives up to it IRL. I don't have an Elsa, but if I were to buy one it would probably be Hot Blooded. I do love Fall Phenomenon's outfit, and the jacket from Incognito; the slit on Incognito's skirt is way too high for me. Shades of Grey is another possibility, because I can't get enough of Hanne, and I really like dolls with coats.

The "model" concept was a welcome one for the Poppy line because it allowed some imaginative and varied looks; there was something for every Poppy collector. As with the FR line, I initially only liked a few enough to pre-order, but then went back to add more. Spring Song and OOTW were in the latter category. The former's intense blue eyes, beautiful curls, and "Edwardian Prairie" dress won me over with each review of the emails. OOTW did the same with her cool beauty, even though I had purchased several platinum blonde dolls over the past year. The Poppy that eluded me, of course, was Midas. I couldn't submit my pre-order until later on Saturday, and she was gone by that point from the "accepting emails" dealers, and then we had the crash-heard-'round-the W Club when the other dealers opened on Monday. Can't imagine what her secondary price is going to be, but I might bite the bullet.

I'm hoping that Hippy Dippy isn't going to be a lottery, but will be a "we'll make however many members want" approach like the Vero gift set.

Anonymous said...

Lovely dolls shown here.