Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cheap Fun Continued

With the anticipation of the new Integrity Lines being released soon, I started going through my boxes again.  I have been trying very hard to try the "one comes in/one goes out" rule of collecting.   (I'll let you know when I get successful at it!)

I was pleasantly surprised to find Urban Antoinette Adele in her box.  She was the first "tall" Integrity doll I ever purchased but had been put away and stored with the release of newer dolls.  For some reason she always reminded me of Tyra Banks, so I've held on to her.  I went through my modest stash of wigs (since I don't like wigged dolls as a rule) and found the perfect one for her.  Now, she reminds me of Jennifer Hudson!  Not sure why, but I just think that way.

I started wondering if it were possible to find success with any of the recent play line Sparkle Girlz and Barbie clothing I had purchased.   You cannot imagine how excited I was to find this dress could even fit the regular FR body!
I am using FR shoes and jewelry, but the dress looks amazing!

Again, another fun day spent with a doll I already owned and a $5 dress.  You can't beat it.  It made me start wondering why we have this mindset of "new is better" or "more expensive is more desirable".   I doubt if I could've had any more fun with a new $150 doll than I did this morning with my forgotten girl and $5 Barbie dress.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Adele looks stunning! I enjoy redressing playscale dolls (when time permits) especially when the end result is as nice as you have illustrated. This act is a great replacement for shelling out money for a new doll. Additionally, a little collector-doll bonding also ensues in the process.


Phyllis said...

Your are having so much fun and on a budget too! I have that dress, but hadn't thought of it for my tall FR girls. I definitely will be trying it out on them soon!

The grandmommy said...

I have yet to see that dress and I agree. It and she look great!

Ladonna Russell said...

Great doll and the dress looks good, I'll be looking for this dress

Ms. Leo said...

I've been looking at this dress for a while. I see I have to pick it up! She looks great!

Troy said...

I liked Mattel's approach with the individual dress for a relatively low price, and I picked up the ones I could find. This one was particularly attractive. However, they are still in their packages. This will help spur me to take them out and play!