Saturday, January 24, 2015

Temperatures Below Freezing

It was a rough week here on the East Coast.  When Noelle, New Year New Look Ellowyne Wilde, arrived we were experiencing a warm front here in the south.  Temperatures plummeted yesterday, sending my girl running to the closet.

"Hey I'm a West Coast girl remember?   I have never felt so cold in my entire life!   You better have something warm in that closet!"

My other girls' ears perked up.  What?  Another diva in the house?

Noelle quickly found my stashed away fall purchase.

"We have these in California, but they are made from a different fabric.  We go surfing in them.  They are called wetsuits out west.  What is your name for them?"
The slang term is 'long johns'.

"Well they are nice and warm.  I think I'm ready to sit by the fire.   What do you mean, this is just the first layer?  I have a nice body.  I'm not ashamed of it."
"Alright … I like the skirt and vest.  I can see your point.  The additional socks over the drysuit are a little overkill, but it looks good.  I guess I can get used to this."
"I need to go check the mail.  What do I wear outside?"

What do you mean check the mail?  You shouldn't be getting mail.

"I just thought I would help out.  You look kinda old.  I'll just throw on this coat."
"This isn't so bad after all.   It even looks nice from behind."
"But what about my head … and I don't want to mess up my hair.  It's got a little detachable hood!"
"You know I will need additional pieces of clothing, right?  I am not going to wear this all winter."

I'm afraid I am going to go from Noelle to "No Money".

This ensemble is an early Wilde Imagination ensemble from 2009 called "Wrapped in Ennui".  The attention to detail and quality is phenomenal.  I recently purchased it from a new doll friend on the Ellowyne's Ennui message board named Julie in GA.


Night Owl said...

Hahaha, she's a cute diva, I love how she keeps saying wetsuit :-). What a fabulous outfit, great that you found it! The coat is amazing, such detail! Great post :-)

Troy said...

What an imaginative way to show the doll and outfit!