Saturday, November 8, 2014

Brown-Eyed Girls

I keep hearing the Van Morrison song today.  It's hard to get it out of your head!  

I guess the saying,"the third time's a charm", applied to my City Prowl Eugenia.  The second replacement came this week.   I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the box from Asia.
I was very frustrated that it took several months to finally get a doll without flaws when I paid for her last spring.   It was fortunate that she was worth the wait.
I really do love this Eugenia.  I like the thinner eyebrows and neutral palette with dark liner.   I think she is actually one of the better screenings produced; she looks a little upset about something (probably that it took three heads to get a complete doll!).  I bet City Prowl will redress beautifully, but, for now, I am going to enjoy her in her original ensemble.
Also arriving last week was the first Gloss Convention doll that I purchased secondary market.  She was the table centerpiece at the Thursday night welcome dinner.  Her name is Sheer Sensuality Vanessa Perrin.
She is mold 1.0 (a personal favorite) and was limited to 350 dolls.  Attendees numbers were drawn to determine who could purchase her.
At my house, the dolls don't usually stand around in gowns.  The moment I purchased this doll, I had a specific ensemble in mind.
I so love Sheer Sensuality.   I don't have a Vanessa with this hair color or style.  Another beautiful brown-eyed girl!


Phyllis said...

So glad you finally got a good head for your Eugenia. And your doll from the Gloss convention is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

It seems from the pictures that Sheer Sensuality Vanessa has red lips, but someone told me her lips are somewhere between red and pink. Is this true, does anyone know?