Sunday, November 2, 2014

An Eventful Weekend

This post was going to about the IT Convention that took place in Orlando this past weekend.  Unfortunately, W Club members have not received multiple e-mails detailing the dolls presented at the convention like we have in the past.  There was  a great deal of logistical nightmares at this convention with shipments not arriving until Saturday.  I feel for IT and the stress they've been through this year.

So, I will focus on something more positive.   On Friday, I received my first Amber doll.  Amber is a frenemy of Ellowyne Wilde.   Taking time away from 16 inch dolls, I completely missed this character. After much research, I finally chose Essential Amber Brunette to represent the character in my collection.  Here she is in the box.
I'm not a big fan of wigged dolls and was excited to find this one with rooted hair.
This weekend was the Collector's United Doll Show in Atlanta.   It took me 90 minutes to get there, and I was a little disappointed by the dealer attendance.   I only saw 5 dolls from the Ellowyne line, a couple wigs, and a handful of outfits.  There was nothing that I needed.  I did spot an Urban Vita knit ensemble.
I got it for $40, hoping it would work with Amber.  (The temperature was in the 30's outside, so I guess I was feeling the need for winter clothing.)
Everything worked except the boots.  I like it!    I think the sweater would look great with blue jeans or black tights.  There is some mix n match possibility here.

Brittany was very upset about this purchase, "I know Halloween is trick or treat, but I was hoping for a bag of candy or something.  Bringing Amber into this home was definitely a trick!"

Drama will ensue …

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Phyllis said...

What a beautiful doll. I have not ventured into any other size doll than 1:6 scale, but seeing some of these bigger dolls is sure a temptation.